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2024: Varied Perspectives on the Metaverse


As we anticipate the Metaverse in 2024, this piece concludes part 2 of predictions from experts about the trends predicted for next year with an emphasis on Industrial with key insights from Siemens, Bentley Systems, and Aveva.

Siemens’ vision underscores a significant upswing in Industrial Metaverse adoption driven by digital transformation leaders. Their focus on enhancing Digital Twin experiences and integrating decision-support co-pilots speaks volumes about the imminent innovations in IMV applications.

“Companies, particularly those at the forefront of digital transformation, will drive the momentum,” states Theodoros Papadopoulos, Program Manager Simulation & Digital Twin and John Heidorn, Vice president of Analyst Relations for Digital Industries at Siemens.

Siemens, emphasizing the anticipated surge in Industrial Metaverse adoption. They foresee more immersive Digital Twin experiences and the integration of decision-support co-pilots as key advancements.

AVEVA’s Simon Bennett anticipates substantial strides post the 2023 Meta meltdown. AVEVA’s projection of real progress in the Industrial Metaverse hinges on the exploration of live data streaming.

“AVEVA foresees real Industrial Metaverse progress,” he notes, emphasizing the critical analysis of metaverse concepts. Live data streaming is poised to unlock applications ranging from design reviews to operational simulations, marking a transformative leap within the IMV.

Luis Bravo Martins, CMO of Kit-AR, sheds light on the industry’s shift towards “Spatial computing.” He underscores the impact of spatialized data and digital twins within the industrial metaverse, signaling a broader acknowledgment of its influence.

This segment, concludes Part 2 of our predictions, offering a concise yet comprehensive view of the Metaverse as we enter 2024.


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