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Platforms You Can Use To Accept Crypto Tips as an Online Content Creator


In recent years, several platforms that allow content creators to receive crypto tips and donations have cropped up. One of the biggest benefits these platforms offer is that they enable creators of all types to monetize their passion and receive payments without a bank account or a debit/ credit card—even if they live in countries with an underdeveloped and less accessible financial system. Moreover, since these platforms are decentralized, the funds will never be withheld.

Here, we explore 5 of the best crypto platforms that allow online creators to accept tips in the form of cryptocurrency with a bonus at the end.

1. BitBacker

Known as the “crypto-fueled Patreon alternative,” BitBacker is an anti-censorship and pro-free speech platform. It was designed to allow people to support their favorite content creators through censorship-resistant money such as digital coins.

BitBacker is super easy to use, even for those who are crypto novices. Currently, the platform supports BTC, SmartCash, and BCH, but they are working to add new ones and welcome users to let them know if their preferred cryptocurrency is not supported. Unlike donation platforms like Buymeacoffee and Patreon, which take a cut of 10-30%, BitBacker charges a fee close to just 1% for each donation. The cost of sending tips is also lower than credit card fees, which means both content creators and their supporters get to save money.

BitBacker provides many of the same features as Patreon. It has a feature called “PowerChat” where people can watch livestreams of their favorite creators and send them highlighted messages when they donate using crypto. This lets fans interact with their favorite creators directly. And if someone doesn’t want their identity known, they can send anonymous tips. Creators can create member-only content that can be accessed by pledging a recurring monthly donation to them.

Jonathan Hales, founder of BitBacker, stated that the platform never touches a user’s private key, thereby providing protection against hacks. He also said that his goal with BitBacker was to provide a way for content creators, especially within the crypto network, to get tips without relying on fiat-based platforms.

2. UCollectMe

UCollectMe is a decentralized NFT membership platform powered by Web3 that allows content creators to foster their own community and make money through it. Their aim is to redefine community ownerships through Blockchain and NFTs. Here, users can create, explore, and trade utility NFTs. UCollectMe currently supports the Polygon and Ethereum blockchain. You can sign in using your MetaMask or Coinbase wallets. Once your ownership of the wallet is confirmed, you are ready to go.

On UCollectMe, content creators can create tokenized memberships, either by importing an existing NFT or by minting a new one. They can, then, integrate NFT utilities into their membership programs by linking exclusive content to their NFTs. This could be anything such as an ebook, access to premium content, or a one-on-one video interaction with them. When someone purchases the membership, the creators get paid and the supporters get exclusive perks. One of the best parts about a token membership is that each utility linked to a membership is unique.

In addition to people being able to support their favorite artists by purchasing their NFTs, some other use cases for UCollectMe’s tokenized memberships include:

  • NFT loyalty programs by brands where the non-fungible tokens give customers access to specialized discounts or perks
  • Crowdfunding campaigns launched by content creators where each backer receives a portion of the funds raised in the form of an NFT
  • Launch of tokenized event tickets by event organizers, where the holders of NFTs get exclusive backstage passes, meet-and-greet etc.

UCollectMe also mentions that they don’t charge any fees for using the platform. While they only have the free plan currently, their website promises that a premium plan boasting advanced utilities, KPIs with community insights, and integration with other platforms is coming soon.

3. Tallycoin

A slightly different from Patreon alternatives like BitBacker, in the sense that it’s a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter, Tallycoin lets you get paid via Bitcoin and Lightning. If you have a project that you would like to start, you can create an account on Tallycoin and post details to raise funds. You can also integrate the Tallycoin button into your own website. People can, then, contribute to your fundraiser to get your project off the ground. The project could be anything from writing a book to opening your own gallery.

Unlike other dollar-based crowdfunding platforms, all the donations go directly to the preferred crypto wallet of your choice. You also receive the payments instantly. The best part is that Tallycoin also charges no fees! The platform relies completely on user donations to run.

Since all payments go directly to your wallet, on Tallycoin, you are completely in charge of your funds, which means the platform cannot freeze or hold your funds under any conditions. Users are allowed to leave an accompanying message and make anonymous donations even without signing up to the platform. There’s also a newsfeed where trending crowdfunding projects are featured.

A year after it’s inception, Tallycoin added a subscription feature and the ability to publish some content behind a paywall. In 2022, they further introduced a new companion add called “Tallycoin Connect” that lets content creators receive donations directly to their own Bitcoin node.

4. Housefly

Housefly is a decentralized Patreon alternative on the Polygon blockchain that allows content creators to receive tips via crypto. Creators can sign up for a new account by connecting any one of the following three wallets: MetaMask, Coinbase, or Trust Wallet. No additional information is required. Once your account has been created, you can leverage existing followers from various social media platforms and start earning.

On Housefly, you can make money by setting up a recurring monthly subscription in exchange for exclusive access to content, or simply publish content like you would on, say, Instagram or Twitter, and have income through one-time tips. There is also the option to create pay-to-view content. One of the best things about Housefly is that it is an anti-censorship platform that lets you post any type of content, be it an ebook, a podcast, a series of artworks, or short messages.

The platform currently supports MATIC for subscriptions and MATIC as well as USDT for payouts. All payments are wallet-to-wallet, which means they are instant and there is no middleman. The platform does, however, take a cut of 10-20%. The website also features a cool revenue calculator that gives you an estimate of how much you can earn based on the number of followers you have and your monthly subscription fee.

5. Geyser

As a Lightning-native crowdfunding platform, Geyser allows creators to raise funds for their Bitcoin projects. It’s mostly used by educators, creatives, and even entrepreneurs. On Geyser, there are two types of crowdfunding projects: 1) donation-based crowdfunding where supporters send donations to get someone’s project off the ground, and 2) reward-based crowdfunding, where people start a fundraiser to give back to their supporters.

Like Tallycoin, creators can sign up via Twitter or Nostr and post details about their project by connecting their node or lightning address. When someone contributes to the project, creators get paid directly to their node or wallet via Bitcoin.

Since Geyser is a non-custodial platform, it cannot hold your funds. Creators have the option to connect to Geyser using their own node. In this case, there are no fees. However, if you decide to connect using your lightning address, Geyser charges a small fee of 2%. Backers, on the other hand, can send donations using any wallet.

Geyser allows creators to engage with their supporters by creating updates about the project, selling project-related merch, or giving perks and badges. Tags make it easy for supporters to find projects that they would like to contribute to. And if you are someone who is working towards increasing Bitcoin awareness, you can sign up for Geyser Grants and stand the chance to receive funding for your cause.

If you don’t want to use any of the platforms mentioned above, you can still receive Bitcoin tips by self-hosting your own Patreon alternative using the BTCPay server. There are no third parties involved, and you will be the sole owner of the platform, which means there are no censorship rules or frozen funds to worry about. You don’t have to pay any fees, either.

All you need is a self-hosted BTCPay server and a domain name. Check out this awesome guide on setting up your own LibrePatron. It’s a Patreon clone, which means you can set up different payment tiers. The only downside is that supporters are not charged automatically for recurring payments. However, LibrePatron does automatically send reminder emails to all your supporters.


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