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6 Finest Inexpensive Cryptocurrencies to Purchase Now Below 1 Penny January 2


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Investing in digital assets doesn’t always demand hefty investments. Several promising tokens are available for purchase at fractions of a cent. These ‘cheap cryptos’ offer an affordable entry point into the market and hold immense growth potential. This article compiles cheap tokens priced under 1 cent that investors can add to their portfolios.

6 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now Under 1 Cent

Bitcoin surged past $45,000, sparking investor interest in the market. This anticipation highlights the potential for mainstream adoption. Moreover, the rise has also piqued interest in affordable tokens among investors. The following crypto priced under 1 cent offers investors an entry into the market.

1. Algorand (ALGO)

Algorand has made significant strides in the crypto market. The project has entered partnerships with TravelX and Viva Aerobus to digitize plane tickets using its blockchain. This move has garnered attention, showcasing Algorand’s potential beyond traditional financial transactions.


Furthermore, Algorand has joined forces with entities like NASSCOM and TiE Bangalore in India. Hence, it aims to expand its reach and utility across diverse sectors. Likewise, Algorand envisions a more efficient financial landscape by emphasizing security, decentralization, and scalability.

Moreover, Algorand recently surged 20%, hitting a year-long peak. This rise reflects investors’ acknowledgment of its technological advancements and partnerships. Strategically leveraging its technology, Algorand aims to break through current market resistance levels. Therefore, it underscores its substantial potential as a crypto asset worth monitoring closely.

Based on ongoing trends, market predictions hint at a potential 2024 price range of $0.197 to $0.342 for Algorand (ALGO). These projections anticipate growth driven by strategic partnerships and technological advancements.

2. Sui (SUI)

The Sui blockchain has recently made significant strides in decentralized finance (DeFi). Notably, the project is awaiting the launch of Solend, a leading lending protocol based initially on Solana. This shift aims to bolster Sui’s (SUI) DeFi traction. Therefore, this is evidenced by its Total Value Locked (TVL) soaring by more than 500% since September. 

The Sui team, comprising experienced professionals from Facebook’s blockchain division, prioritizes an enhanced developer experience. In addition, the team emphasizes fortified security forged through collaborations with top blockchain security firms like Zellic and Ottersec.


Furthermore, integrating DeFi protocols like Solend onto the Sui (SUI) blockchain could enhance Sui’s value and market perception. Moreover, the network focuses on user-friendly development tools, strengthened security, and high transaction throughput. This positions it advantageously for increased adoption rates and potentially heightened trading value.

Presently, sentiment around Sui Crypto’s price prediction leans bullish. This sentiment coincides with a 71 Fear & Greed Index score, indicating a state of “Greed.” Sui Crypto’s circulating supply is 1.10 billion out of a maximum supply of 10.00 billion SUI. In the Layer 1 sector, Sui Crypto holds the #41 rank in terms of market capitalization.

Some key observations include trading above the 200-day simple moving average. In addition, it has experienced positive performance relative to the token sale price. SUI has also seen 18 green days out of the last 30 (60%) and is trading near its cycle high.

3. Blur (BLUR)

The NFT marketplace Blur (BLUR) has seen remarkable growth recently, outstripping industry leader OpenSea in trading volume. DappRadar’s data shows Blur consistently dominating monthly NFT sales, marking a significant shift in the NFT market.

Meanwhile, Blur’s NFT sales hit $590 million in the last month alone, topping all other platforms. During the recent market cycle, BLUR peaked at $0.679713. This peak reflects a bullish sentiment, with the Fear & Greed Index at 71 (Greed).


Key technical indicators showcase positive trends for Blur. This trend includes trading above the 200-day simple moving average. In addition, it has witnessed 15 green days in the past 30 days (50%). The coin also has strong liquidity, evident from its market capitalization.

Analysts speculate a positive Blur’s future trajectory, citing the project’s robust fundamentals and a dedicated community as significant driving factors. Forecasts regarding the BLUR Coin’s performance suggest a potential surpassing $2.96 by 2024. 

However, this is contingent upon potential collaborations with other networks and continuing a bullish trend in the crypto market. Additionally, projections indicate an average price of around $2.68 for the Blur Coin by 2024.

4. Hedera (HBAR)

Hedera recently integrated WalletConnect into its network to enhance user compatibility and interoperability. This move coincided with a surge in HBAR’s value from $0.070 on December 18 to $0.096 on January 2.


Hedera has a bullish trend, supported by 27 positive technical indicators. Additionally, it trades above its 100 and 200-day Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs), signaling optimism among traders. Market analysts foresee a potential rise to $0.0998 for the Hedera coin by January 2024. However, this prediction is hinged on notable developments and prevailing technical trends.

In circulation, Hedera boasts 14.83 billion HBAR out of a maximum of 50 billion HBAR. Moreover, it holds the 13th position in the Proof-of-Stake Coins sector. Based on market cap metrics, it also ranks 33rd in the Layer 1 sector.

Furthermore, key highlights include a significant 153% price surge over the past year, outperforming 66% of the top 100 crypto assets. Recent trading trends indicate 18 positive days in the last 30 days, affirming a favorable trajectory. Notably, the coin trades near its cycle high and maintains high liquidity owing to its market cap.

5. Beam (BEAM)

The recent partnership between Beam and Ghost Ivy Development Studio, creators of Haven’s Compass, marks a pivotal moment for the game. 


As the game gears up for its final launch in 2024, these collaborations aim to elevate the gaming experience. Beam’s integration of blockchain technology promises secure in-game transactions and encourages creativity through the Beam SDK. Furthermore, the partnership with Seedify is expected to bring new dimensions to the game.

In a recent performance, Beam has shown positive trends, with 17 “green days” in the last 30 days, indicating a 57% upward movement. It currently has a circulating supply of 48.04 billion out of a maximum of 62.75 billion BEAM tokens.

6. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Bitcoin Minetrix presents a novel approach allowing users to stake BTCMTX tokens for cloud mining credits. The project aims to decentralize control and provide a secure mining environment for token holders.

Furthermore, the platform’s staking pool has garnered significant attention, with over 400,000 BTCMTX tokens currently staked. This move has led to an advertised annual percentage yield (APY) of 103,225%, reflecting participants’ high level of interest.

In its initial presale phase, Bitcoin Minetrix has shown notable traction in the market. The ongoing BTCMTX presale has raised over $7,207,741 by selling tokens at $0.0125 each. This number constitutes 70% (2.8 billion BTCMTX) of the total token supply of 4 billion. Interested investors can acquire these tokens using either ETH or USDT.

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