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Duality AI has become a part of the AWS Partner Network


SAN MATEO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Duality AI, a leading digital twin simulation company, has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). As an AWS Partner Network member, Duality is bringing their state-of-the-art spatial simulation tools, including AWS SimSpace Weaver integration, to the wider APN. The APN is a global community of AWS Partners that leverage programs, expertise, and resources to build, market, and sell customer offerings.

Falcon, Duality’s digital twin simulation platform, is designed to allow organizations to modularly build complex digital twin scenarios, and simulate them to generate valuable synthetic data. But high-fidelity, massive-scale simulation is resource intensive and is generally limited by available local hardware. With AWS SimSpace Weaver integration, Falcon’s full capabilities can run at an increasingly larger scale while the available computational resources scale up with the spatial simulation’s needs on AWS. The Falcon-AWS SimSpace Weaver integration has already produced award-winning projects that simulate massive urban scenarios. By joining the APN, the integration of Falcon and AWS SimSpace Weaver is being made widely available, opening an exciting new chapter for simulation-based problem solving.

“We’re thrilled to join the APN,” states Duality’s CEO, Apurva Shah. “The world’s simulation and synthetic data needs are rapidly expanding. Solving complex real-world challenges requires us to move past the fidelity versus scale trade-off. Whether training new AI robotic systems, improving manufacturing efficiency, or even exploring new approaches in emergency response scenarios, cloud-based digital twin simulation makes it possible to generate valuable data at the volume and variety required. Duality joining the APN solidifies our position as a trusted partner for organizations looking to do just that.”

As an APN member, Duality joins a global network of 100,000 AWS Partners from more than 150 countries working with AWS to provide innovative solutions, solve technical challenges, win deals, and deliver value to mutual customers. The program validates AWS Partners with a proven track record and experience, providing end-to-end AWS solutions to customers at any stage of the cloud journey, including planning and design, building and migration, operations and support, and automation and optimization. APN members undergo a rigorous vetting process and meet stringent criteria set to ensure their proficiency in AWS services, security and service delivery.

To learn more about Duality and Falcon, visit: www.duality.ai


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