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Sony Electronics Announces a Large Update to Mocopi, Facilitating a Computer Connection for VRChat and Introducing Workflow Enhancements for Virtual Content Creation


SAN DIEGOJan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sony Electronics Inc. today announced a significant update to mocopi, its popular motion capture system, integrating it with SlimeVR to provide an option for VRChat users to connect through PC. Sony’s mocopi system has been at the forefront of mobile virtual reality (VR) technology, known for its ease of use and accessibility.¹

Listening to customer feedback, this update, which is available now, strengthens mocopi’s position in mobile VR and establishes mocopi as a key player in the PC-connected VR space, especially for VRChat users who have long sought a lightweight and easy while more stable connection to PC platforms. In addition, this software update includes several upgrades, including integration with a new avatar platform, workflow improvements for content creation and fun enhancements.

mocopi: Now with PC Connection

While mocopi’s mobile-first approach² has been widely acclaimed for its ease of setup and use, there has been a growing demand for a robust PC connection option. Responding to user feedback, Sony has now enabled a seamless integration with SlimeVR, allowing users to connect mocopi with a PC ³for improved pose estimation and overall experience in VR spaces.

SlimeVR is a full-body tracking solution primarily designed for VR applications running on the SteamVR platform. It offers an efficient way to achieve full-body tracking, enhancing the VR experience by allowing more immersive and interactive gameplay or simulations. This integration ensures that while mocopi retains its mobile accessibility, it now also caters to users seeking a more powerful PC-based setup.

New Avatars & Enhanced Functionality

Upper-Body Focus Mode: Tailored for users concentrating on upper body movements, this mode allows for additional tracking points on specific limbs, enhancing the precision of motion capture.

New Avatar options with Avaturn: Users can now import avatars from Avaturn. This integration with Avaturn is particularly exciting, as it allows users to import a selfie and create a personalized avatar with speed and ease, offering both free and paid versions.

Workflow Improvements for a Smoother Experience

Simultaneous Motion Data Sending and Saving: Brings a new option to save motion data simultaneously while sending it, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Customizable Motion File Names: Before saving, users can rename motion files, moving away from the default automatic naming.

Motion Library Management: Features the ability to delete and rename files in the motion library, as well as a lock function to prevent accidental avatar screen movements.

Fun New Avatar for Enhanced Personalization

Mini RAYNOS-chan Avatar: A pre-installed avatar for immediate use.

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