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CAE Healthcare Collaborates with GigXR for Providing Healthcare Simulation From Spatial Computing to Manikins


Los Angeles and Montreal – January 17, 2024 – GigXR, Inc., a global provider of extended reality (XR) solutions for healthcare training, and CAE Healthcare announced today their partnership to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical simulation.

The collaboration between GigXR and CAE Healthcare streamlines the ability to implement and manage multimodal simulation for medical schools, nursing schools, hospital systems, first responders, and government – spanning analog, immersive and digital modalities that can be used to create full curricula.

“We see the future of simulation as multimodal, encompassing physical, digital, virtual and immersive products that leverage emerging technologies like Generative AI to provide comprehensive solutions for learning efficiency,” said Jeff Evans, President of CAE Healthcare.

“As we work to implement this vision we are balancing investments in CAE Healthcare products while also looking at best of breed players in the market that we should partner with to accelerate this transition. By partnering with GigXR, we are enabling a core part of this vision through “simulation everywhere” to make training and education more accessible and efficient to ultimately improve learning and patient safety.”

As healthcare staffing shortages surge, combining GigXR’s growing catalog of immersive learning applications with CAE Healthcare’s extensive training infrastructure empowers healthcare institutions to drive learning efficacy and bring more capacity for improved care.

The companies will integrate their combined product offerings such that activity across simulation modalities can enable holistic analysis and actionable insights – whether to help individual learners or to enable healthcare institutions to analyze full cohorts of learners consistently.

“GigXR’s immersive learning platform already unifies immersive and digital training applications into one system, allowing customers to manage a full curriculum’s worth of digital and immersive experiences from a single dashboard,” said Jared Mermey, CEO of GigXR.

“Our platform is designed to be further interoperable with partners like CAE Healthcare, including both their digital and analog capabilities. The results will be a holistic approach to simulation that combines analog and digital – and the right simulation technique to be used at the appropriate time whether inside or outside of the sim center.”

To showcase the potential of this partnership, GigXR will be demonstrating its complementary, award-winning catalog of mixed reality applications at the upcoming IMSH 2024 conference, where attendees can experience firsthand hyper-realistic clinical simulation, including:

  • DICOM XR Library, created in partnership with DICOM Director, transforms CT scans and MRIs into hyper-realistic 3D models for use in teaching, training and simulation.

  • HoloScenarios provides full clinical simulations that mimic the entire patient care journey, from assessment and diagnosis to appropriate intervention and escalation of care. Modules include:

    1. HoloScenarios: Respiratory developed in collaboration with the University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) NHS Foundation Trust
    2. HoloScenarios: Basic Life Support developed in collaboration with Morlen Health, a subsidiary of Northwest Permanente, P.C.

    3. HoloScenarios: Advanced Cardiac Life Support developed in collaboration with Morlen Health, a subsidiary of Northwest Permanente, P.C.

    4. HoloScenarios: Neurology in development with Michigan Medicine

    5. HoloScenarios: Gastrointestinal in development with the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore

In addition to these robust platform solutions, GigXR will also be providing a glimpse into its freeform dialogue with AI-powered, on-demand standardized patients. Embedded into GigXR’s platform’s standard development kit (SDK), the AI can persist into any application the platform delivers. This capability will be demonstrated by leveraging Snap’s Camera Kit technology.

GigXR is trusted by over 70 enterprise-scale healthcare institutions across four continents, including Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine, Miami Dade College, Ursuline College, The University of Queensland, and many more.

Now, through this partnership between GigXR and CAE Healthcare, more institutions globally can experience complementary, multimodal healthcare simulation with enhanced training efficiency and effectiveness, showcased during IMSH 2024 at booth #200.


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