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Most Popular Cryptocurrencies on Ethereum Network Right Now – Multichain, Yield Magnet, Moon Tropica


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Top trending tokens on the Ethereum blockchain have upside potential. We examine three of these coins to help investors make wise investment decisions.

The MULTI token price is surging, positioning the token among the top trending cryptocurrencies on Ethereum today. MULTI, in particular, is experiencing increased trading activity, with the cryptocurrency currently trading around $3.41 – a 105.90% increase in the last seven days. This surge in MULTI’s price highlights the cryptocurrency’s potential growing relevance on Ethereum.

Most Trending Cryptos on Ethereum Chain

Also, other tokens are demonstrating impressive momentum. Yield Magnet surged by 4.90% today, propelling the MAGNET token to new market presence and price highs.

On the other hand, Moon Tropica is completing the list of leaders, potentially on its 3rd straight day of gains after reaching a new year-to-date high today at $6.56. However, for investors, these rapidly appreciating cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum chain – Yield Magnet, Multichain, Moon Tropica – present opportunities to benefit from today’s cryptocurrency market volatility.

1. Multichain (MULTI)

Multichain operates on the principle of Threshold Signature Schemes (TSS). The token utilizes Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC) to enhance security and eliminate single points of failure in cross-chain transactions.

Also, the project ensures secure confirmation of transactions without fully reconstructing the key during the signing process, mitigating interception risks. It does this by independently generating parts of the private key across nodes.

However, the potential use cases for Multichain are extensive. They range from managing asset accounts and smart contracts across various blockchains to the governance system VeMulti. These utilities reward MULTI token holders with veMULTINFTs for processing transactions.

Next, Multichain’s history traces back to its origins as Anyswap, co-founded by Zhaojun. It has evolved into an infrastructure supporting arbitrary cross-chain interactions with a network of 26 chains and sustained daily volumes exceeding $100 million.


The project also helps blockchains to interconnect. These blockchains include Avalanche), and Layer 2 chains tied to Ethereum (like Polygon). It also allows Parachains networks like Moonbeam on Polkadot, and so on.

Furthermore, the introduction of VeMulti solidifies its commitment to robust governance mechanisms. MULTI tokens have seen a remarkable 105.90% price increase in the last seven days. It has outperformed the global cryptocurrency market and similar Polygon Ecosystem cryptocurrencies.

Also, it is tradable on platforms like TokoCrypto, MEXC, and XT.COM. The current price of MULTI is $3.41, and a market cap of $65,935,953. Meanwhile, this price increase shows promising growth for the token and utility for investors seeking diversified blockchain interactions.

MULTI is an ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain, secured through the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Validators stake 32 ETH to participate in consensus and validating transactions.

2. Yield Magnet (MAGNET)

Yield Magnet claims to be a forward-thinking DeFi platform revolutionizing crypto trading on the Ethereum network. At its core are the innovative Yield Magnet Magnets. These YMMs act as advanced hedge funds, simplifying the process for users to create, manage, and generate revenue effortlessly.

Furthermore, the $MAGNET token offers enticing staking opportunities. It enables holders to earn a share of every trade on the dApp. Next, the $MAGNET token is poised to play a pivotal role in upcoming developments and grant access to exclusive features.

Moreover, the mission of Yield Magnet is to transform the asset management industry. It aims to achieve this by introducing the world’s first decentralized marketplace for asset managers and investors. Centered around the $MAGNET token, the platform prioritizes user utility, community engagement, and value enhancement.

MAGNET price chartMAGNET price chart

In addition, investing in $MAGNET is likened to investing in an asset management business. It exposes the platform’s growth, staking rewards, and value creation.

Consequently, the platform’s commitment to innovation, security, and a 12-month liquidity lock adds credibility. This positions $MAGNET as a fundamental asset for future features. Also, it makes the token a secure investment option within the evolving digital finance landscape.

In addition, staking $MAGNET tokens further offers a distribution of platform fees and tax from V2 token trading. This presents an opportunity to align with the platform’s transactional activity and benefit from its continuous growth.

Also, MAGNET tokens can be traded on decentralized exchanges. The primary exchange is Uniswap V2 (Ethereum), where the most active trading pair is MAGNET/WETH. This boasts a trading volume of $16,496.12 in the last 24 hours.

Over the past seven days, Yield Magnet (MAGNET) has demonstrated a 4.90% price increase. It showcases resilience compared to the broader cryptocurrency market, which has experienced a decline of -9.50%. However, it falls short when juxtaposed with other Ethereum ecosystem cryptocurrencies that have exhibited a collective uptrend of 12.70%.

3. Moon Tropica ($CAH)

Moon Tropica introduces an expansive open-world experience. It claims to blend nostalgic elements from classic childhood games with community engagement, crypto culture, and current events.

This unique concept encompasses a virtual realm where players can acquire digital real estate, craft items, and create business storefronts for monetization. The native currency, $CAH, facilitates transactions within the Moon Tropica metaverse.

CAH_price chartCAH_price chart

Furthermore, the project aims to expand its value proposition through experimental features and engaging storylines inspired by current crypto events. The aim is to create a dynamic gaming environment.

The project’s vision extends beyond a mere game. It aspires to create an immersive metaverse where players shape their adventures in a community-governed virtual world.

Moon Tropica emphasizes community involvement. The emphasis on community development allows players to shape the game’s direction, fostering a healthy ecosystem driven by their preferences.

In addition, the platform’s innovative use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) provides actual ownership of in-game assets. Meanwhile, the multichain infrastructure and CAH token contribute to a continually evolving experience.

Nonetheless, Moon Tropica aims to deliver a bespoke gaming environment with a diverse economic system by targeting nostalgic gamers and crypto enthusiasts. This approach will encourage investment through genuine user engagement and ongoing development collaboration.

4. LaunchpadXYZ (LPX)

The Launchpad XYZ (LPX) presale ends in 16 hours, with the project raising over $2.7 million. Investors face a limited timeframe to participate before LPX enters exchanges, aiming to disrupt the Web3 landscape.

Besides, in this final phase, potential investors can acquire LPX tokens at $0.0445 using ETH, USDT, or a credit/debit card. Most importantly, the presale’s triumph has sparked influencer interest and optimistic predictions of substantial returns. This is highlighted by coverage from well-known YouTubers Alessandro De Crypto and Michael Wrubel.

Furthermore, the project’s innovations have resonated with the retail community, drawing over 3,300 participants to Launchpad XYZ’s Telegram channel.

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