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The Latest Popular Cryptocurrencies on DEXTools – Taopad, Virtual Versions, SatoshiVM


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We analyze some of the top trending crypto coins on the market, recently listed on exchanges and featured on DEXTools. This article also provides updates on a unique token still in its presale stage.

Today on DEXTools, the biggest crypto gainers are Taopad, Virtual Versions, and SatoshiVM amidst a worsening broader market downturn. These tokens have shown that small-cap cryptocurrencies typically dominate the top gainer spots daily due to their low liquidity. This makes them susceptible to rapid exponential gains from even modest buying pressure.

Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools

While blue-chip cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can offer substantial upside potential, traders seeking quick profits often turn to low-cap markets. Despite experiencing a rebound on Wednesday, most significant cryptocurrencies remain in a short-term downtrend. Here are some of the top trending crypto coins on DEXTools today.

1. Taopad (TPAD)

Taopad is a cryptocurrency protocol designed to complement the BitTensor network’s native token, $TAO, by introducing a novel rewards mechanism. This mechanism leverages a network of miners and validator nodes to reward holders with $wTAO (Wrapped TAO) tokens. Thus fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between Taopad and $TAO.


TPAD price chart

Furthermore, with a capped total supply of one million tokens, $TPAD employs a 5% tax. This tax funds ecosystem development, miner and validator procurement, operational expenses, marketing, and CEX listings. This fee, collected in $ETH, is applied to every buy and sell transaction of $TPAD.

In addition, users can interact with the protocol through actions like distributing accumulated $wTAO rewards and claiming them. Despite being founded and run by an anonymous team, Taopad boasts lead developers with extensive experience in smart contracts, AI, and front-end development.

Nevertheless, TPAD is available for trading on Uniswap and other DEX aggregators. It boasts a significant trading volume and a remarkable 125.50% price increase in the last seven days. This price surge has surpassed the global cryptocurrency market and similar Ethereum Ecosystem cryptocurrencies.

Today, TaoPad (TPAD) is priced at $9.27. This reflects a 56.32% price increase in the last 24 hours and a 108.63% increase in the past seven days. However, the market cap of TaoPad is unavailable today because the circulating supply of TPAD tokens has not been reported.

2. Virtual Versions (VV)

Virtual Versions (VV) serves as the primary engine within the VV ecosystem. It enables seamless value transfer and provides rewards and discounts for various products and experiences.

Moreover, as the native utility token, VV facilitates access to virtual entertainment experiences and purchasing wearable NFTs for avatars. It also enhances transactions within the Metaverse. These transactions include purchasing, renting, and building personalized Virtual Versions to serve as the central hub for digital identity.

Consequently, the VV ecosystem offers a range of tools. These tools include:

  • Avatar creation tool
  • Interoperable identity solution
  • Social hub
  • Gamified entertainment metaverse, Unus World.


VV price chartVV price chart

Your avatar becomes your consistent identity across multiple platforms with Virtual Versions. This eliminates the need for various accounts and facilitates navigation across the Metaverse.

Also, Virtual Versions prioritizes data privacy and security. The token offers a revolutionary digital ID solution to combat data exploitation and unauthorized selling.

Furthermore, the project aims to restore privacy, transparency, and security in the digital realm. It does this by empowering individuals with control over their data through secure internet use via Virtual Versions.

Leveraging the decentralized nature of blockchain ensures the utmost security and integrity of digital identities. This makes VV a compelling investment option for those seeking to participate in the growing digital identity and metaverse markets.

However, the project recorded a significant trading volume and a remarkable 91.70% price increase in the last seven days. With this uptrend, it has outperformed the global cryptocurrency market and similar Ethereum Ecosystem cryptocurrencies.

3. SatoshiVM (SAVM)

SatoshiVM (SAVM) is a decentralized Bitcoin ZK Rollup Layer2 solution that integrates seamlessly with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) ecosystem. Also, it utilizes native BTC as gas.

Furthermore, the primary objective is to bridge the gap between the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems. This enables the issuance of assets and the development of applications within the Bitcoin network.

Moreover, the core innovation lies in its Verification System. This ensures the accurate execution of Layer2 blocks on Bitcoin without requiring any modifications to the existing infrastructure.

SAVM Price chartSAVM Price chart

Leveraging Taproot’s capabilities, SAVM conducts off-chain ZK-proof processes for block execution, verifying them on Bitcoin through Taproot. This approach enhances the security of Layer2 transactions and allows Bitcoin to serve as a robust settlement layer.

Meanwhile, a war of words occurred between one of the project’s advisors and fundraising platform Ape Terminal over a seemingly controversial token launch last week. This caused the newly launched SatoshiVM (SAVM) token to plummet as much as 269.80% in the previous 24 hours.

The dispute revolves around a launchpad event for SAVM, which commenced trading on Jan.19. Ape Terminal is a decentralized exchange (DEX) fundraising platform for cryptocurrency projects seeking to launch a new token through an Initial DEX Offering. They vehemently refuted the allegations, arguing that MacnBTC “sniped” and profited from the token sales.

As a result, SAVM presents a compelling investment opportunity in the evolving landscape of decentralized finance. This is due to its innovative approach to interoperability and secure block validation.

4. Wall Street Memes (WSM)

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) is a rising meme token swiftly gaining traction in cryptocurrency. It boasts a significant daily trading volume and a $50 million market cap, trailing only behind Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe.

Moreover, the project distinguishes itself with the recent launch of its crypto casino. It offers users anonymous and secure account creation and crypto transfers via Telegram without needing KYC verification.

With features like fee-free deposits and withdrawals, the WSM Casino offers substantial utility for players. It provides various gaming options, including slots, virtual and live dealers, and a comprehensive sportsbook.

Despite a recent security breach, the team’s prompt response underscores resilience and potential for recovery. This is coupled with its successful token presale and robust community support.

In addition, the high staking pool participation, returning an APY of 40%, indicates confidence among current holders in the token’s future trajectory. Despite challenges, Wall Street Memes’ innovative endeavours make it appealing as an investment opportunity. Furthermore, its strong community backing positions it as an intriguing option in the meme coin landscape.

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