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Top Popular Crypto Coins on DEXTools – X, eTukTuk, e-RADIX, GMD


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Unlock lucrative investment opportunities with cutting-edge crypto assets as we analyze the top trending coins on DEXTool to help investors stay ahead of the curve and maximize their ROI potential in the volatile crypto market.

As Bitcoin price has risen by 4% in the last 24 hours, traders are actively seeking new coin listings on DEXTools for potentially higher upside potential. DEXTools is rapidly expanding, with new projects launching daily.

These projects often showcase unique use cases and value propositions to distinguish themselves from others. This article will spotlight 3 of the most talked-about new coin listings currently trending on DEXTools.

Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools

X is our top trending coin on DEXTool today, having recorded a 136% increase in the last 24 hours, with a Dext score of 97. This surge came after the X team announced on Twitter that they had launched the rescue protocol. The protocol follows their migration to $Xers, which has been updated on DEXTools today. Meanwhile, the new cryptocurrency eTukTuk continues to create an impact with its unique use cases and teeming community.

1. X (X)

X is a community-driven cryptocurrency project inspired by Elon Musk’s enigmatic tweet about the letter X. X aims to create a decentralized and innovative financial ecosystem powered by blockchain technology, with a vision to disrupt traditional economic systems.

Consequently, what sets X apart is its emphasis on community participation, transparency, and inclusivity. X fosters a sense of ownership and collaboration by involving token holders, developers, and enthusiasts in decision-making processes. This ensures that the project evolves in line with community interests.

X_price chart

Moreover, X employs a deflationary tokenomics model. This incentivizes long-term holding through static rewards and automatic liquidity generation.

The token focuses on security, creative marketing, NFT integration, and social impact initiatives. Despite its modest valuation, X’s strong growth potential intrigues it. Moreover, coupled with its community-driven ethos and innovative features, it positions itself as an option for investors. It caters to those seeking exposure to the evolving crypto landscape.

Nevertheless, the current X price is $0.0000004, with a 24-hour trading volume of $169,578. The project has witnessed a significant increase of 91.55% in the last 24 hours. In addition, it holds a CoinMarketCap ranking of #1788, with a live market cap valued at $374,052. Moreover, X boasts a substantial circulating supply of 922,017,767,004 coins, with a maximum supply of 960,620,301,401 coins.

2. eTukTuk (TUK)

eTukTuk (TUK) is a new eco-friendly cryptocurrency that will revolutionize transportation in developing countries. With a recent fundraising milestone surpassing $560,000, eTukTuk is on a mission. It aims to make sustainable transport more affordable and accessible to unbanked populations.

Furthermore, the backbone of the eTukTuk ecosystem is the native TUK token, a BEP-20 token on the BNB Chain, with a maximum supply of two billion. TUK tokens power payments, incentives, and rewards across eTukTuk’s decentralized network.

A key feature is TUK Power Staking, which allows holders to earn rewards passively for over 15 years. This is achieved through a gradually reducing rewards curve, encouraging long-term participation.

Nevertheless, as holders lock their tokens, they can earn staking rewards of up to 300% APY, giving TUK intrinsic value. This also enables payments within the eTuktuk ecosystem. The utility and demand for TUK are expected to increase as more electric tuk-tuks are deployed. This will drive presale momentum as people adopt the eTuktuk platform.

The presale traction offers insight into eTuktuk’s future potential. This prompts investors to consider entering at the current presale price to maximize long-term returns. With the presale nearing its $680,000 goal, the current stage is expected to conclude soon. This will lead to an increase in the TUK price from the current $0.026.

Moreover, once the presale concludes, TUK will publicly launch centralized and decentralized exchanges. Interested investors can buy TUK tokens using BNB, USDT, or a credit/debit card at etuktuk.io.

Visit eTukTuk Presale


e-Radix (EXRD) is a crucial bridge between the Radix and Ethereum networks. It functions as the wrapped representation of XRD on Ethereum. Established in November 2020, this digital asset facilitates a seamless 1:1 exchange with XRD. Also, it contributes to the interoperability between the two ecosystems.

Nevertheless, e-Radix’s mission is to provide broader accessibility to Radix’s XRD token within Ethereum’s DeFi landscape, akin to how wBTC represents Bitcoin. With a designed permanence and no planned expiration, e-Radix ensures continuous swapping between eXRD and XRD. The token aims to maintain price parity.

eXRD price charteXRD price chart

Meanwhile, the token’s ties to the Radix ecosystem feature Cerberus consensus and Scrypto programming language. These highlight its role in decentralizing the global financial system. Nevertheless, as part of Radix’s broader objective, e-Radix contributes to the wider distribution of tokens before staking, fostering decentralization.

Meanwhile, EXRD has a limited supply, meaning only a set amount is available, potentially leading to increased value over time. It serves as a global currency, enabling international transactions without intermediaries.

Similarly, to acquire and store EXRD, you can purchase it on a cryptocurrency exchange or through a peer-to-peer marketplace. After receiving EXRD, it’s essential to keep it in a crypto wallet securely. This wallet can be either a hot wallet (software-based, stored on your devices) or a cold wallet (hardware-based, stored offline).

The recent surge in trading volume, reaching $519,424 in the last 24 hours, signals increased market activity. This makes e-Radix an investment option for those seeking to get a foot in crypto.

4. GMD (GMD)

GMD Protocol is a yield optimizing and aggregating platform built on existing applications and GMD’s reserve token on Arbitrum. The project offers a unique approach to maximizing yields while mitigating risks in the crypto space.

However, by employing delta-neutral or pseudo-delta-neutral strategies, GMD eliminates the risks of exposure to unwanted assets for its users. The first products of GMD include single-stake vaults for BTC, ETH, and USD, built on top of GMX and GLP. This ensures that GMD Protocol’s reserve earns yield from underlying backing $GLP and all revenue from single-stake vaults.

GMD Protocol aims to revolutionize the way transactions are conducted. Moreover, the protocol’s plans include leveraging derivative platforms through smart vaults and arbitrage-pegged assets. These plans signify its commitment to ongoing innovation and expansion.

GMD price chartGMD price chart

Nevertheless, with a transparent revenue model outlined, GMD Protocol earns Real Yield Revenue from various sources. These include GLP rewards and protocol-owned liquidity. Investors can expect a steady flow of returns as a result.

Moreover, the transparency in revenue sources and sample APR calculations enhances investor confidence in the project’s potential for sustainable growth. This transparency contributes to the perception of long-term viability.

Furthermore, the GMD Protocol is a compelling option for investors seeking exposure to a cutting-edge financial ecosystem. Solid fundamentals and a clear roadmap for future development back it.

GMD accrues 70% of the platform’s generated fees as the utility and governance token through its vaults and reserves. This fosters a sustainable ecosystem. Furthermore, with a strong focus on continuous innovation and expansion, GMD Protocol is committed to exploring additional vaults. It aims to implement pseudo-delta-neutral strategies to optimize yield.

Moreover, with a current price of $22.74 and a 24-hour trading volume of $4,462.58, GMD presents an opportunity for investors. It offers exposure to innovative projects with real-world utility and growth potential in the crypto market.

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