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Guidelines for Purchasing, Exchanging, and Trading Cryptographic Tokens on the Tron Network


The Tron network is a decentralized blockchain platform that aspires to create an expansive and interconnected global digital content ecosystem. At its core, Tron leverages its native cryptocurrency, TRX, to facilitate seamless transactions and interactions within the network.

An outstanding advantage of the Tron (TRX) network lies in its exceptional scalability and impressive transaction processing capacity. This remarkable feature enables Tron to process a substantial number of transactions swiftly, ensuring the smooth execution of smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). The network’s scalability is of utmost importance as it plays a vital role in supporting the expansion of its ecosystem and meeting the growing needs of both users and developers.

Tron (TRX) empowers developers to create and launch decentralized applications (DApps) through the integration of smart contracts into its framework. These versatile DApps span across diverse sectors, including finance, gaming, social media, and more. Tron equips developers with essential tools, resources, and support, enabling them to craft cutting-edge and fully operational applications. This fosters a dynamic developer community, driving ongoing expansion and diversification within the Tron ecosystem.

Tron’s emphasis on digital content is a distinguishing feature of the network. It aims to revolutionize the entertainment industry by directly connecting content creators and consumers without the need for intermediaries. The platform empowers creators by enabling them to distribute their content and monetize it through direct interactions with their audience.

The network (TRON) relies on a delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism for its security. Validators in the network are rotated every six hours, chosen by users who stake their TRX tokens.

To combat software bugs, Tron involves its community through the Bug Bounty Program. Users can contribute to development and earn rewards by reporting bugs and vulnerabilities. The Tron Foundation generously provides TRX rewards as an incentive, fostering a collaborative environment for network security.

This article delves into the fundamental features of the TRON network and explores its significant potential within the TRON ecosystem while also providing guides on how to buy, sell and trade on the network.

Features Of The TRON Network

Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) Consensus: The DPoS is a consensus mechanism utilized by the TRON network to enable its users to vote for representatives responsible for validating transactions and securing the network. This system guarantees swift transaction confirmation and streamlined network operations, enabling scalability and suitability for high-demand applications.

Smart Contracts and DApps: TRON offers a platform for the creation and implementation of smart contracts, which are self-executing agreements governed by predetermined rules. These smart contracts serve as the foundation for developing decentralized applications (DApps) that automate processes, enhance peer-to-peer interactions, and introduce trailblazing functionalities in sectors including finance, gaming, social media, and more.

Developer-Friendly Environment: TRON fosters a developer-friendly ecosystem by equipping developers with essential tools, resources, and support to build innovative and functional DApps. It offers user-friendly programming languages, software development kits (SDKs), and comprehensive documentation to optimize the development process. This commitment to developers encourages a vibrant community, promotes collaboration, and fuels ongoing growth and diversification within the TRON ecosystem.

Scalability and Throughput: One of the main purposes of the TRON network is that it is purposefully built to efficiently process a substantial number of transactions with exceptional throughput. Its infrastructure facilitates swift transaction execution, ensuring seamless operations for smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). This scalability plays a vital role in meeting the increasing adoption and requirements of users and developers.

Global Accessibility: TRON’s decentralized architecture guarantees worldwide accessibility, enabling individuals from across the globe to engage with the network. The platform’s infrastructure is intentionally designed to be accessible to anyone with an internet connection, promoting inclusivity and fostering a digital ecosystem without any geographical boundaries.

Direct Creator-Consumer Interaction: TRON enables content creators to engage directly with their audience without intermediaries. This direct connection fosters a more intimate and transparent relationship, allowing creators to better understand their audience’s preferences and tailor their content accordingly.

Ownership Rights: TRON acknowledges the significance of content ownership for creators and leverages the immutability and transparency of blockchain technology to safeguard their intellectual property rights. By doing so, TRON empowers creators to retain control over their content and ensures they are duly compensated for its utilization.

Monetization Opportunities: TRON empowers content creators by enabling them to directly monetize their content. By leveraging smart contracts and digital tokens, creators can receive payments directly from their audience, bypassing the need for third-party payment processors. This direct monetization approach allows creators to retain a greater share of their earnings and exert more control over their revenue streams.

How To Get Started On The Tron Network

To buy and sell tokens on the TRON network, you will first need to get a TRON-compatible wallet like  Tronlink. In this article, we will give examples using Tronlink. It is a popular TRON wallet extension and is readily accessible on leading browsers such as Google Chrome. 

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With TronLink, users can effortlessly create and oversee TRON wallets, securely store TRX, as well as other TRC-10/TRC-20 tokens, and seamlessly engage with TRON DApps, all within the convenience of their browser interface.

To add your TronLink Wallet as a browser extension, simply click on the “Add to Chrome” icon located in the top right corner, as demonstrated below. This step will ensure that your TronLink Wallet becomes seamlessly accessible within your browser.

Once installed and set up, Open the TronLink extension in your browser. You will be prompted to either create a new wallet or import an existing one. If you’re new to TronLink, select the option to create a new wallet and follow the instructions to set up a password.                                 

It is imperative to back up your wallet to ensure you can recover your funds in case of any unforeseen circumstances. TronLink will provide you with a unique set of recovery phrases during the wallet creation process. Write down and securely store these phrases in a safe place. (Do not store it on your device).

Trading On The TRON Network

The Tron network is capable of supporting various decentralized applications. Tron is often used to transact, as TRX transactions come with very low fees.

In order to engage in trading activities on the TRON network, it is essential to have TRX tokens in your wallet. TRX serves as the native cryptocurrency of the TRON network and is indispensable for executing trades, interacting with decentralized exchanges, and participating in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. 

Hence, prior to initiating any trading or transactions on the TRON network, it is crucial to ensure that your wallet is adequately supplied with TRX tokens.

The next step is to fund your wallet. You can add TRX or other TRC-10/TRC-20 tokens to your TronLink wallet. Click on the “Receive” button in your Tronlink wallet to generate a wallet address; tokens will be available in your wallet almost immediately.                                         

Tron Wallet

You can obtain TRX using popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) from cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and transfer it to your TronLink wallet address.

Note that users can also access various DEXs interfaces like SunSwap through their Tronlink wallet by clicking on the “More” button in the same row as the “Receive” button.

How To Buy and Sell Tokens Using SunSwap

SunSwap is a decentralized trading protocol built on the TRON network, with the objective of facilitating automated liquidity provision and establishing an inclusive financial market accessible to all users. By utilizing the decentralized nature of blockchain, SunSwap enables users to participate in liquidity provision by depositing their TRON-based tokens into liquidity pools. 

To protect your wallet from malicious activity, ensure that you are on the correct SunSwap website. To get started, visit the correct SunSwap website and click on the “Connect Wallet” option at the top left corner, as in the image below:

Sunswap Tron

Then, select your preferred wallet (In this case, Tronlink):

Sunswap trading

Once connected, Users can commence trading activities as SunSwap is automatically linked to the TRON networks because it is a TRON-based DEX. 

After accessing the SunSwap interface, the next step is to select the tokens you want to trade. SunSwap operates on a system where you can exchange your TRON-based tokens directly with other tokens.

Click on the “Select token” button to select the trading pair you want to trade against.

For example, if you want to buy USDT using TRX,  select  TRX – USDT, enter the amount, then click on “swap” or “trade now” and then you can go to your Tronlink wallet to confirm the transaction.

Tron wallet

Tracking Token Prices on The TRON Network

Avedex is a powerful on-chain tool for TRON network users, offering comprehensive market insights for specific tokens. It provides valuable information such as price data, contract details, and advanced analytics tools. Traders can analyze price trends, liquidity, and token fundamentals to make informed trading decisions. 

Additionally, Avedex allows for token comparison, user reviews, and rating systems, enhancing the decision-making process. With integration to TRON wallets and notification features, Avedex streamlines the trading experience, enabling users to stay updated and act promptly. 

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Overall, Avedex empowers TRON traders with reliable information and tools to navigate the market effectively and make well-informed trading choices.



In conclusion, the TRON (TRX) network offers a decentralized blockchain platform that prioritizes the creation of a global digital content ecosystem. With its scalable infrastructure and high transaction processing capacity, TRON enables the swift execution of smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps) across various sectors. The network’s developer-friendly environment provides essential resources and support for developers to build innovative DApps, fostering a vibrant community within the TRON ecosystem.

To engage with the TRON network, users need a TRON-compatible wallet like TronLink. They can obtain TRX tokens from various popular exchanges, transfer them to their TronLink wallet, and then trade on platforms like SunSwap for decentralized trading.

Overall, the TRON network offers a robust ecosystem for buying, selling, and trading tokens, while its focus on digital content and developer support makes it an attractive platform for creators and users alike.

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Disclaimer: The article is provided for educational purposes only. It does not represent the opinions of NewsBTC on whether to buy, sell or hold any investments and naturally investing carries risks. You are advised to conduct your own research before making any investment decisions. Use information provided on this website entirely at your own risk.


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