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Latest and Top Meme Coins to Purchase This Friday, February 9 – Meme Kombat, GameStop, Samoyed, RichQuack


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Why are some meme coins trending on the Solana Chain today? Despite the disruption across the Solana chain that caused the value of most Solano-based tokens to be nosedive, some coins like Samoyed and GameStop beat the downward projectile to soar high.

Tuesday’s hiatus was Solana’s sixth prominent outage, according to Solana Labs’ network uptime portal. The last occurrence happened barely a year ago when a chain of service providers running custom software overran the chain with data. It has prompted developers to ask if this should be happening to one of the biggest cryptos.

New and Best Meme Coins to Buy Now

Interest in the Web3 iGaming realm is growing. The release of the Solana Saga phone drives this interest. Meme Kombat is among the projects that are evaluating possible impacts on adoption. With this potential expansion, MK will emerge as one of the top meme tokens in the crypto market after launch.

$MK holders are attracting interest from Solana holders. Also, blockchain data demonstrates a relationship in their fundamentals. This article evaluates other details connected to the new presale coin. It also examines the current events surrounding the performance of Rich Quack, Gamestop, and Samoyed.

1. GameStop (GME)

The GameStop meme coin, GME, enters our list of best meme coins to buy. Notably, it shows an impressive price recovery. It also made headlines earlier in the week when 66% was wiped off its value. Moreover, the GME narrative is rapidly changing as the project strives to rebrand itself as a movement instead of a cryptocurrency.

GameStop price chart

Yesterday, GME put up a fight that saw it jump into the trending coin list of the day. The token experienced a price pump of about 40% in the early hours yesterday, while its trading volume also increased by about 80%. However, the coin succumbed to a price retraction as it currently trades at $14.07, a 0.21% drop in the early hours of today.

However, a recent announcement on its Twitter handle showed that the number of GME holders has surpassed 15k. This announcement comes at a crucial time when primary Solano-based tokens are nosediving. Data from its chart also implies that GME is set for a sensational rally.

Furthermore, It just set a new ATH price of $0.013, which may further push it up with its current momentum. Investors should keep an eye on the token and its growing movement. Its increasing influence might push it to the top spot among the most promising cryptos of the quarter.

2. Meme Kombat (MK)

Meme Kombat is not just a utility coin; it’s a mix of meme coin and  GambleFi, forging a lively and utility-focused platform. Unlike conventional crypto gambling projects, it merges gamified graphics and meme coins for an extra stimulating experience.

The project enables users to stake on AI-generated battles between characters inspired by meme tokens using the $MK token. It ensures a smooth and stable demand for the coin. Meme Kombat presents numerous game modes, including single-player, multiplayer, and side-betting, catering to a broad audience and enriching its all-around allure.

Users also have the choice of staking their $MK coins with a 112% APY; presently, 80% of $MK tokens are staked, implying a solid belief in the project’s prospect. Meme Kombat is unique by having a smart contract audit and transparent team, indicating its commitment to security.

These characteristics set Meme Kombat apart from other meme tokens, showcasing the team’s commitment to safety and openness. To expand its impact, the Meme Kombat team recently launched a competition where participants can win $300 each by displaying their “dank meme skills.”

The presale has already raised over $8.3 million, closing on its $10 million hard cap, so those interested in buying should act quickly. You can partake in the $MK presale by visiting memekombat.io.

Visit Meme Kombat presale.

3. Samoyed Coin (SAMO)

Samoyed coin (SAMO) operates on the Solana chain. It goes beyond being a meme token. Instead, it aims to build an active, community-focused crypto. Its objective is to promote connections, education, and support for Solana users.

Also, According to a recent tweet, SAMO domain names are now integrated into SolanaFm’s system. SolanoFm is the most readable explorer on Solana, built on speed and power. Users can quickly track wallet activity, $SOL transfers, or NFT trades.

Furthermore, Samoyed also partnered with Flowdesk to help boost $ SAMO’s liquidity. It is more attractive as Flowdesk also raised $50M in seed funds. The funds will be used to expand market-making and OTC services. It will focus on improving trust and efficiency in digital assets markets.


SAMO price chartSAMO price chart

Moreover, SAMO tokens trade at $0.01017, a 3.3% gain in the last 24 hours. While this might seem modest, it is an impressive feat, especially after the recent outage of the Solano platform. The blackout caused several Solano-based meme tokens to see their value nosedive.

However, SAMO runs as a community-owned project, infusing fun into the crypto world. The token has numerous features, including Samo Tools, developed to provide users with vital resources.

Furthermore, the Samoyed coin price has been 104.62% over the last year. It outperformed 79% of the top 100 crypto assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. It trades above the 200-day simple moving average, making it profitable for investors.

Additionally, should Samoyed coin continue to captivate interest through its NFT collection and community engagement, an upward trajectory in price could manifest – potentially testing resistance levels.

4. RichQuack (QUACK)

RichQuack (QUACK) is a self-generating, hyper-deflationary, and automatic liquidity platform on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Token seeks to provide static rewards to coin holders, enhancing network security and supporting community initiatives.

The project recently announced a 50 Billion $QUACK giveaway on its Twitter page. It has generated a frenzy of activities for the coin. Subsequently, QUACK’s price experienced a 12.02% surge. The price is expected to continue upward as the giveaway continues.

QUACK price chartQUACK price chart

Furthermore, Rich Quack’s innovative project promotes decentralized multi-chain raffles, launchpads, and lotteries completely developed for QUACK coin holders. With over 350,000 followers across several social media sites, Rich Quack has attracted a devoted community excited for new gaming opportunities.

Also, BilliDrop, a blockchain-based gaming platform, collaborated with Rich Quack Through this partnership. Rich Quack users will gain access to The Drop, BilliDrop’s blockchain gaming platform. This move guarantees QUACK will continue to skyrocket.

Furthermore, The RichQuack whitepaper outlines prospective products comprising a Launchpad platform for coin investment. They also include a Lottery platform and Mega Jackpot Raffle.

However, the Rich Quack project also says it’s providing incubation services to other projects, including advisory services, marketing support, and assistance with exchange listings and marketing.

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