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5 Top Altcoins for Investment Right Now February 16 – Stacks, Helium, Jupiter


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Traders are adding promising tokens to their portfolio, as the Fear&Greed index is close to its all-time high. With the big market players out of reach, altcoins offer investment opportunities to capitalize on the ongoing upward trends.

Nonetheless, effectively choosing the right altcoin for one’s portfolio requires commitment and thorough research. Hence, this article pinpoints several standout altcoins that investors should contemplate, aiming to simplify this selection process.

5 Best Altcoins to Invest in Right Now

With the altcoin season drawing close, Stacks, Helium, and Jupiter stand out, offering distinctive attributes and promising market outlooks. Moreover, Bitcoin briefly surpassed $52,000, reclaiming a market capitalization of over $1 trillion. This news has rekindled optimism in the altcoins camp as investors actively update their portfolios.

1. Stacks (STX)

The Stacks ecosystem has reached another all-time high (ATH) in Total Value Locked (TVL). This feat indicates growing confidence from users and developers in the ecosystem. Moreover, the number of core contributors to the ecosystem has significantly increased over the past few weeks. This growth signifies a surge in interest and participation, drawing investors’ attention to its native token, STX.

In just two months, the total cumulative number of $STX wallets has risen by over 20%. This reflects a significant influx of new users and traders exploring the Stacks network. Furthermore, Ortegexyz has integrated with Stacks to empower builders and developers with enhanced data capabilities. The aim is to meet the increasing demand for Bitcoin layer data and insights. Notably, this move comes amidst the rapid expansion of Bitcoin DeFi, highlighting the need for robust data solutions.

STX Price Chart

Meanwhile, STX has grown remarkably, climbing from around #60 to #34 in the coin market cap rankings within a year. Building on this growth, it has surpassed numerous well-known tokens. Therefore, Experts anticipate further ascent, projecting a potential entry into the top 20 around the BTC halving. This is driven by Bitcoin Layer 2 narratives and escalating fees on Layer 1 networks.

Equally, with the upcoming bull market, the “Bestseller Effect” is expected to drive more coin accumulation with growing investors’ interests. In addition, further ecosystem expansion within the Stacks network is expected.

Moreover, the greed index in the market is currently high, leading to the sentiment toward Stacks’ price being bullish. Over the past year, STX’s value has surged by 734%. Hence, it has outstripped 96% of the top 100 coins, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Furthermore, $STX is trading above its 200-day simple moving average, with 20 green days out of the last 30, indicating strong momentum.

2. Helium (HNT)

Entering 2024, Helium has showcased strong performance, indicating resilience and sustained momentum. HNT has risen by 37%, reflecting ongoing investor confidence. Moreover, the current Fear & Greed Index sits at 72, showing a prevailing sense of greed among investors. Hence, investors are actively buying as the altcoin market shows signs of a bull run.

HNT Price ChartHNT Price Chart

Furthermore, Helium’s price trend remains positive. HNT is trading at 346.15% above the 200-day Simple Moving Average of $2.25. In the last 356 days, its price has increased by 305%. This performance has surpassed Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 89% of the top 100 coins. Besides, recent data shows Helium experienced 17 green trading days last month, representing 57% of the total days.

Therefore, industry experts project a potential surge of 1398% by 2029, reaching $64.72. This projection is driven by increased adoption and network expansion. Given these factors, investors consider Helium (HNT) a viable option, particularly for those seeking affordable tokens.

3. Jupiter (JUP)

Jupiter (JUP) recently joined the market with its Solana-based liquidity offering. It made headlines with its launch on February 1. However, the token experienced a sharp price drop of over 60% following an airdrop shortly after its listing. Despite this setback, signs indicate a potential turnaround as Jupiter looks to reverse its trend. Market sentiment toward Jupiter (JUP) seems positive, supported by a Greed reading of 72 on the Fear & Greed Index.

Moreover, the token is above its 200-day SMA, signaling an upward trend. In addition, it is close to its cycle high, indicating a favorable position. Alongside its core strengths, Jupiter is expanding its DeFi offerings, introducing a range of products. JUP Price ChartJUP Price Chart

This includes Limit Orders, Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA)/Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP), Bridge Comparator, and Perpetuals Trading. By extension, this comprehensive suite of tools positions Jupiter as a leading platform for traders seeking diverse DeFi solutions. 

JUP’s recent rally is attributed to the enthusiastic response to the Jupiter Work Groups (JWGs) initiative led by the project’s founder. This move encourages collaboration and innovation within the Jupiter (JUP) ecosystem. To achieve this, it is leveraging the expertise of the community and experienced DAO professionals. Meanwhile, the introduction of JWGs has notably boosted investor confidence, increasing trust levels in the market.

4. eTukTuk (TUK)

The eTukTuk presale has gained market traction, recently exceeding $1,030,818 in funds raised. Investors are showing keen interest in this web3 startup. Particularly, they are drawn by the enticing opportunity to buy and stake for 216% Annual Rewards. The current token price stands at $0.02675. Moreover, investors anticipate a potential surge in value as the project progresses to its next stage.

The eTukTuk protocol is committed to advancing green initiatives through innovative solutions. Notably, it leverages AI-driven efficiency. TUK tokens play a pivotal role in optimizing routes. This helps reduce traffic congestion and minimize fuel consumption, ultimately promoting sustainable transport.

Furthermore, eTukTuk’s focus on eco-friendly innovations extends to supporting green transportation through AI research. This aligns the project’s presale efforts with environmental goals—also, the project pioneers smart infrastructure utilizing AI-enhanced blockchain technology, advancing real-time green initiatives.

Overall, the eTukTuk token’s presale has generated significant excitement in the market. With its emphasis on sustainable urban transportation and promising blockchain-powered solutions, eTukTuk continues attracting attention, evident in its growing community and impressive presale. Therefore, investors are urged to capitalize on the current price before the anticipated price increase in 13 days. 

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5. Manta Network (MANTA)

Recent market analysis indicates that MANTA is a promising alternative to consider in the upcoming rally. Unlike many altcoins that have reached their peak, Manta Network is a new entrant in the crypto market. Hence, it boasts substantial upside potential. In tandem with this, Manta Network’s recent token sale from January 16 to 28, 2024, resulted in a notable surge in value post-sale.

Currently, MANTA is trading near its cycle high, indicating positive performance compared to its token sale price. Furthermore, Manta Network enjoys high liquidity, as evidenced by its market capitalization. This liquidity enhances its attractiveness to investors seeking assets with stable trading conditions.

MANTA Price ChartMANTA Price Chart

Moreover, beyond its financial prospects, Manta Network plays a pivotal role within the crypto ecosystem. It positions itself as the modular ecosystem for Web3, empowering users to develop and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) based on Solidity. This designation contributes to advancing decentralized finance (DeFi) and the broader Web3 landscape.

One of Manta Network’s key features is its ability to offer faster transaction speeds than Layer-one blockchains. It maintains lower gas fees than Layer-twos, giving it a technological edge that positions it favorably for widespread adoption, further bolstering its investment appeal.

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