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Bintense Clears Up Common Queries on Crypto Transactions


This article and its content have been produced and disseminated for persons outside of the United Kingdom. The information provided is not directed at or intended for distribution to, or use by, any person or entity located within the UK. The financial products and services mentioned in this article are not eligible for the UK. Cryptoassets are classified as Restricted Mass Market Investments in the UK, meaning that they are high-risk investments and are not suitable for most retail investors. 

For individuals not actively engaged in cryptocurrency, conducting a crypto transaction can seem hauntingly complex, potentially deterring them from participating. However, Bintense is here to demystify the process and address the top questions that newcomers may have about crypto exchanges.

Do I need a wallet?

Yes, you need a personal wallet address. Bintense does not offer a wallet opening service. At Bintense, you can buy Bitcoin or Ethereum and pay with a credit card or wire transfer.

Do I need to prove something?

Yes, before making your first transaction, you need to pass compliance verification (KYC procedure). 

Then, you just send us an order specifying the amount you want to send and to which wallet address to proceed with payment. We handle the rest of the transaction process, ensuring a seamless experience for our users.

How can I learn that the transaction is successful?

You can check the transaction via the link:


It will display the coins sent to or from a specified wallet address. 

Can I buy crypto for myself?

Yes, you can buy a cryptocurrency for yourself through Bintense. However, having a wallet to receive and store the purchased coins is essential, as Bintense does not provide intermediary storage for your assets. Numerous wallet options are available, and users are free to choose one that suits their needs and preferences.

Do you provide a wallet for new users?

No, we do not provide wallets for users. Instead, users can choose from a wide range of wallets available in the market. Whether you prefer a hardware wallet for enhanced control or a mobile wallet for convenience, there are no limitations on which wallet you can use for your crypto transactions.

What if I make a mistake in my transaction?

While crypto transactions are generally irreversible, at Bintense, you can cancel a transaction if it is not processed. Contact our support for any questions you may have.

Engaging with cryptocurrency transactions through Bintense requires no specific knowledge or preparation. Bintense allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum by providing a user-friendly interface and comprehensive support. 


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