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Popular Crypto Tokens on Solana Blockchain Today – KIN, ORCA, Zebec


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It’s not a fantastic weekend for the crypto market, as every indicator is down. However, the Solana ecosystem has received a boost with the recent surge in the prices of some trending tokens. This article highlights four of these tokens and why they are worth considering.

Also, the story of the funding received by Helius may renew investors’ interest in the Solana ecosystem. The developer platform dedicated to advancing application development on the Solana blockchain has secured a Series A funding round totaling $9.5 million.

Top Trending Crypto Coins on Solana

In addition, figures within the Solana ecosystem, including Balaji Srinivasan, Anatoly Yakovenko, Raj Gokal, and Kyle Samani, also contributed to the funding. Helius aims to streamline the application development process on Solana by harnessing the blockchain’s scalability and composability. With this funding, Helius seeks to accelerate the adoption of crypto-powered systems. It also helps address challenges faced by developers within the Solana ecosystem. The details of the trend in the ecosystem are covered below.

1. KIN (KIN)

KIN is a cryptocurrency developed by the team behind Kik’s popular chatting application. With its unique features and widespread adoption, KIN has positioned itself as a key player in powering decentralized digital services.

Back in September 2017, Kik raised an impressive $98 million in a token sale, drawing over 10,000 participants. Before this, an additional $50 million was secured in a presale conducted in August. KIN later migrated to the Stellar blockchain before finding its current home on Solana.

Moreover, KIN serves as the primary currency within the Kik app and any other application developed on the Kin blockchain. It acts as a payment option and rewards developers for their contributions to the ecosystem. Also, users can seamlessly utilize KIN for transactions and incentivize platform engagement.

KIN price chart

Users can choose from various supported wallets to interact with the Kin blockchain, including Coin98, Sollet, and Blocto. Furthermore, these wallets offer convenient access to KIN, enabling users to securely store and transact with the cryptocurrency.

One of the unique aspects of KIN is its ability to be earned within the Kik app. Users can earn KIN by completing simple tasks, further promoting engagement within the platform. In addition, KIN can be traded on various exchange platforms, allowing users to capitalize on short or long-term profit opportunities.

However, with its solid fundamentals and growing ecosystem, KIN continues to attract attention within the cryptocurrency community. Its ability to adapt to different blockchain platforms and foster innovation highlights its potential for long-term success. As KIN continues to evolve, it remains an intriguing asset to watch in the dynamic world of digital currencies.


Orca is a beacon of accessibility and efficiency in cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Orca offers users a seamless experience for trading digital assets while enjoying many benefits and features.

At its core, Orca serves as a user-friendly platform facilitating the exchange of cryptocurrencies on the Solana blockchain. Orca guarantees swift trade execution and fair prices. It offers minimal transaction fees and lower latency than Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

ORCA price chartORCA price chart

Meanwhile, one of the unique aspects of Orca is its liquidity provision feature. Users have the opportunity to contribute liquidity to trading pools. It allows them to earn a share of trading fees generated on the platform. It incentivizes participation and fosters a vibrant ecosystem within the Orca community.

As of the latest data, Orca boasts a price of $4.31, with a 24-hour trading volume of $5.45M and a market cap of $39.76M. The platform has experienced a notable 21.46% increase in price over the past 24 hours. This price increase further indicates positive market sentiment and investor interest.

Orca’s price prediction sentiment is currently neutral, with a Fear & Greed Index reflecting a score of 72 (Greed). The token has witnessed an impressive 383% increase in price over the last year. In addition, it outperformed 94% of the top 100 crypto assets. Trading above the 200-day simple moving average, Orca demonstrates high liquidity, further enhancing its appeal to traders and investors alike.

3. Zebec (ZBC)

Zebec emerges as a transformative force in the financial landscape. The token ushers in a new era of streaming finance technology seamlessly integrating with real-world payroll and investments.

Zebec’s services cater to the needs of both traditional and decentralized web companies, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions. Zebec enables businesses to embrace the future of finance by offering real-time payroll processing and facilitating micropayments. In addition, it provides seamless on-and-off ramps through payment card products.

ZBC price chartZBC price chart

Through its investment arm, Payroll Growth Partners (PGP), Zebec ventures into the payroll sector, introducing innovative tools and services. It includes early wage access, direct payment card spending, and financial tracking tools, revolutionizing how companies handle payroll processes.

With a bullish forecast for 2024, Zebec Protocol presents an enticing opportunity for investors. ZBC tokens are tradable on major exchanges like HTX, KuCoin, and BingX, offering liquidity and accessibility to traders worldwide.

Furthermore, Zebec Protocol is predicted to reach $0.010553 by February 29, 2024, making it a compelling asset in the crypto space. In addition, sentiment indicates a favorable buying opportunity for the Zebec Protocol.

4. Raydium (RAY)

Raydium, an automated market maker (AMM) platform operating on the Solana blockchain, has swiftly risen to prominence within the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

Raydium has facilitated rapid adoption and solidified its position as a critical player in the ecosystem. It does this by seamlessly bridging liquidity and order books with Serum, the leading decentralized exchange on Solana.

RAY price chartRAY price chart

Moreover, Raydium’s AMM functionality provides on-chain liquidity to Serum’s order book, granting users access to the entire Serum ecosystem and vice versa. This integration enhances liquidity, fosters trading opportunities, and promotes seamless asset exchange for users.

Furthermore, Raydium offers yield farming opportunities, allowing users to earn yield on staked digital assets through participation in farming pools. Raydium empowers users to actively engage in DeFi activities, diversify their portfolios, and capitalize on emerging opportunities within the DeFi landscape.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending

Smog is still on its path to becoming the largest airdrop in the history of the Solana ecosystem. However, holders must participate in the staking plan to qualify for the airdrop.

At the time of writing, the token is going through a consolidation phase as the price recorded a slight decline of about 11%. The brief pullback offers an opportunity to come on board and own one of the best meme projects of the quarter.

The team is working towards a multichain debut to expand its reach and value. Also, there are plans to launch the token on more DEX and CEX platforms. Meeting such a milestone will put the project on a new pedestal.

The new crypto had an impressive run earlier in the week. As the new week glides in, the Crytpo community might witness a return of the asset to its uptrend based on the recent influx of investors into the SMOG community.

Visit the Smog Website

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