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Lindy Shirries Evaluates Bitcoin Minetrix Pre-ICO Sale – An Innovative and Environmentally Friendly Mining Solution


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Lindy Shirries has highlighted the Bitcoin Minetrix as a potential alternative, as cryptocurrency enthusiasts are constantly searching for new and efficient ways to mine Bitcoin.

This pursuit stems from a desire to avoid the high costs and environmental impact often associated with traditional mining, particularly due to the challenges posed by centralized mining companies.

Bitcoin mining made accessible as Bitcoin Minetrix offers a decentralized alternative

Bitcoin, recognized as the trailblazing decentralized digital currency, maintains a prominent position in the cryptocurrency market. Its widespread acceptance, convertibility to fiat currency, and adoption by banks and businesses contribute to its allure as an attractive asset.

The notable historical growth of Bitcoin, surging from a value of $0.30 in 2010 to its current position at $56k, underscores its potential for future gains. However, traditional Bitcoin mining poses challenges, requiring expensive hardware and significant technical expertise, thereby limiting participation for many individuals.

In response to these challenges, Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) emerges as a promising solution. This decentralized, tokenized cloud mining platform provides a user-friendly alternative, enabling individuals to participate without grappling with the complexities associated with standard methods.

Conventional Bitcoin mining, often dominated by centralized companies, brings forth several disadvantages, including centralization risks such as single-authority shutdowns and potential theft of mining rigs. Consequently, concerns related to fraudulent schemes and diminished profits contribute to a lack of trust in centralized mining ventures.

Bitcoin Minetrix effectively addresses these concerns by offering a decentralized platform, empowering everyday individuals to partake in Bitcoin mining. Leveraging tokenized cloud mining credits ensures both transparency and user security within the platform.

The streamlined process enables users to stake BTCMTX tokens, accumulating mining credits that can be exchanged for hash power, further enhancing the accessibility and inclusivity of Bitcoin mining. To delve deeper into the potential value of this project, explore our Bitcoin Minetrix price prediction.

Maximize returns with the BTCMTX token presale, unlocking up to 59% APY on staked tokens

Bitcoin Minetrix has achieved a significant fundraising milestone, securing over $11 million in its ongoing presale. With the next price increase set in 3 days, the BTCMTX token is currently available at a very affordable price of $0.0137.

The initial step in participating in the presale phase involves purchasing BTCMTX tokens, which act as the gateway to accessing the decentralized cloud mining platform. For investors looking to get involved, BTCMTX tokens can be acquired using various methods, including ETH, USDT, and credit cards.

Additionally, purchases can be made using BNB and MATIC. However, it’s crucial to note that buying with BNB or MATIC during the presale renders investors ineligible for the enticing 59% annual returns from staking. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to opt for Ethereum if intending to stake and maximize potential returns.

For a comprehensive guide on purchasing $BTCMTX, please refer to our provided guide here.

Users then proceed to stake their BTCMTX tokens, accumulating cloud mining credits over time. The more credits amassed, the greater the potential for earning Bitcoin through cloud mining.

Subsequently, these mining credits can be employed to purchase cloud mining power, enabling active participation in the Bitcoin mining process. Upon the completion of the mining process, users can transfer the earned Bitcoin to their personal wallets and initiate withdrawals, reaping the rewards of their decentralized mining efforts.

To support its ambitious plans, the Bitcoin Minetrix whitepaper outlines a $15 million target for the $BTCMTX token presale. A breakdown of the allocation reveals that 42.5% of the BTCMTX tokens will be directed towards funding the bitcoin mining operations of Bitcoin Minetrix.

Additionally, 35% of the tokens will be designated for marketing endeavors and the expansion of BTCMTX. A further 12.5% is reserved for BTCMTX staking rewards until the development of the Bitcoin Minetrix cloud mining platform.

Lastly, 10% is earmarked for community rewards as an incentive for active participation in the project. Potential investors can gain valuable insights from the project’s four-phase roadmap.

This roadmap delineates the strategy for capital raising through a token presale, developing mining infrastructure and software, launching the platform with features like mining credit exchange, and culminating in efforts to achieve broader adoption through marketing and expansion.

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Bitcoin Minetrix presents a decentralized and accessible approach to Bitcoin mining, allowing individuals to actively participate in the process.

By addressing the pitfalls of centralized mining and providing a transparent platform, Bitcoin Minetrix opens new possibilities for crypto enthusiasts to accumulate Bitcoin and contribute to the decentralized nature of the blockchain ecosystem.

As the project progresses, interested individuals must stay informed through the official channels and explore this innovative avenue for earning Bitcoin. To take part in the $BTCMTX presale, visit bitcoinminetrix.com.


New Crypto Mining Platform – Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin Minetrix
  • Audited By Coinsult
  • Decentralized, Secure Cloud Mining
  • Earn Free Bitcoin Daily
  • Native Token On Presale Now – BTCMTX
  • Staking Rewards – Over 50% APY

Bitcoin MinetrixBitcoin Minetrix

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