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Latest Releases, Token Listings & Early Sales Today – XRGB, Children Aid Foundation, Website AI


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Despite the drop in trading volume across the cryptocurrency market today, new coins have been sold in the last 24 hours. The last update of the new cryptocurrency listings shared some fascinating coins and presales. Today’s update builds on it, with meme coins poised to hit 10x market growth. The aim is to keep investors updated about the new offers in the market. Similarly, it aims to reveal what’s happening across the market and the crypto sector, welcoming the highest influx of tokens. 

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today

Meme coins are growing in adoption, warranting entries in the list of new cryptocurrency releases. One reason is that they are easy to understand and create a sense of belonging to the investor. Following in its trails are utility tokens dedicated to improving our environment. Other tokens tokens with important use cases are also covered in this analysis.


XRGB recently launched to enhance liquidity and utility within the BTC ecosystem. With a focus on enabling diverse applications like DeFi scenarios and SocialFi use cases, XRGB aims to offer a comprehensive service for users. Plus, it promotes easy interactions and transactions to create a vibrant financial environment.

Notably, the project supports multi-assets and multi-chains, encompassing fungible tokens such as BRC20, RGB20, SRC20, ARC20, and PIPE. In addition, it supports Taproot Assets and non-fungible tokens like Ordinals, RGB21, RGB25, and Atomicals NFT, among others. 

XRGB Price Chart

This aims for users to efficiently manage their fungible tokens, including issuing, sending, receiving, and tracking. Users also can create and trade NFTs, spanning digital art, music, and unique assets.

Post-listing, XRGB is amassing several integrations and partnerships as the market waits to see how the project unfolds. XRGB’s recent integration with MerlinLayer2, dubbed XRGB404, introduces a cross-chain bridge facilitating asset interoperability between Merlin Chain and other chains, including the Bitcoin mainnet. 

This initiative marks a significant step towards enhancing liquidity. It also improves interoperability across different blockchain networks. Drawing inspiration from the ERC-404 standard, X-404 aspires to transform the NFT marketplace by creating a seamless, decentralized ecosystem. This ecosystem will allow NFTs to be effortlessly exchanged, staked, or traded across various chains.

Moreover, XRGB has now integrated the OKX Wallet, further expanding its reach and accessibility for users. Since its launch, the project has gained significant traction, with over 7,130 users engaging with the wallet and cross-chain bridge functionalities. 

Besides, nearly 1,800 cross-chain transactions have been conducted, with cross-chain assets exceeding $20 million, including significant amounts in XRGB, Ordi, and Sats, among others. Meanwhile, data from CMC shows that XRBG’s price is pegged at $0.5001.

2. Children Aid Foundation (CAF)

With the meme coin sector flooded by a positive wave, CAF looks set to benefit. The Children’s Aid Foundation (CAF) is an intersection of meme and child welfare initiatives. However, the project has a distinct mode of operation to ensure sustainability. 

With a transaction tax of 5%, this meme coin provides a sustainable revenue stream, funding marketing efforts and donations to child aid organizations. Meanwhile, 1% of each transaction contributes to liquidity dividends in USDT. Another 1% is destroyed; this deflationary move symbolizes a commitment to reducing the number of needy children.

Moreover, the initial token supply of 2 billion mirrors the global child population, highlighting the project’s dedication to addressing child welfare concerns. 

CAF Price ChartCAF Price Chart

Notably, the CAF token has gained significant traction since its market listing. It secures a ranking of #233 with a price of $0.3 and listings on major exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and Poocoin. As the project expands its presence on more prominent exchanges, its influence in crypto is expected to grow exponentially.

Overall, the project aims to leverage blockchain technology to pull the attention of relief organizations, charities, and even government units. This promotes transparency and openness in their operations. By embracing blockchain-based business models, these entities can enhance accountability and efficiency in delivering aid to those in need.

3. Website AI (WEBAI)

With the AI market’s growing adoption, Website AI is making significant strides in website creation by integrating AI technology. This move comes as the online Website Creation industry is projected to reach $4200 Million by 2024. By extension, Website AI is positioned to tap into this growing market.

Website AI’s latest offering, WEBGPT, is a conversational AI tool designed to streamline the website creation process. Users can easily create website development using specific prompts. These include integrating images and ensuring SEO friendliness.

WEBAI Price ChartWEBAI Price Chart

As users engage with WEBGPT, the AI continuously learns and evolves, paving the way for the future release of entirely AI-generated websites. Moreover, Website AI has forged strategic partnerships with industry giants such as Microsoft, Canva, NVIDIA, Shopify, AWS, Wix, Dropbox, and Google Cloud. 

This collaboration enhances Website AI’s credibility and provides access to cutting-edge technology and resources to enhance its product offerings further. To expand its payment accessibility, Website AI has partnered with the Crypto Exchange & Wallet Flooz. This allows users to purchase $WEBAI across multiple fiat providers, including Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, and Google Pay.

Meanwhile, WEBAI’s price is trading at $14.90, printing a 0.14% intraday increase. This modest increase signals the possible start of an upward trend as the demand for AI-driven solutions in the website creation space increases, positioning Website AI as a key player in the industry’s evolution.

4. Frog Wif Hat (FWIF)

Frog Wif Hat is known for its innovative approach to meme culture within the Eth and Solana ecosystems. Moreover, it’s set to expand its reach to Solana in Phase 2 of its development roadmap. This strategic move aims to tap into the vast Solana community, marking a significant milestone for $FWIF.

Equally, the transition to Solana through the Portalbridge bridge presents an opportunity for $FWIF to leverage the strengths of both Ethereum and Solana chains. This enhances its accessibility and scalability. With a total token supply of 1 billion, all already in circulation, $FWIF boasts a decentralized exchange pool radius and a 0% tax pool, ensuring smooth trading.

Furthermore, investors can expect the Frog Wif Hat token’s arrival on Solana to diversify their crypto portfolios. This provides an opportunity to capitalize on the growing meme coin community. Likewise, this move aligns with the project’s goal of a vibrant and inclusive meme ecosystem while improving on conventional meme trends.

Moreover, investors can look forward to exciting developments as the Frog Wif Hat project progresses towards achieving a $50 million market capitalization. These include potential listings on decentralized exchanges and community-driven initiatives.

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