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Forecasting Smog Prices – Could $SMOG Emerge as the Next Major Solana Airdrop Joke Coin Post Surging to Record Levels Lately?


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In the past few months, meme coins, especially those in the Solana ecosystem, have become increasingly popular again, with Smog leading the rally having recently reached its all-time high.

We’ve seen coins like BONK, WIF, and MYRO explode in value, with BONK alone soaring 200x between October and December 2023.

In today’s video, we’re presenting a new meme coin project on Solana that’s showing promise early on. It surged by over 11x shortly after its launch, and the team has already released a significant update within days.

Despite being new and not widely known, this meme coin has generated a lot of excitement and has seen active engagement from both the community and developers.

Unlike its peers, this meme coin has a relatively small market cap, which suggests it could have substantial room for growth if current trends continue.

$SMOG price prediction – Meme coin surges over 150% in the past week

The price of Smog, a new meme coin built on Solana, has surged by more than 150% in the past week, pushing its fully diluted market cap above $100 million.

With this significant price increase, many cryptocurrency investors are considering whether it’s a good time to buy $SMOG before the opportunity slips away.

Following the recent all-time high of $0.138, $SMOG is currently trading around $0.129, approaching another highest price point since March 05. The coin has experienced two consecutive days of positive closes, hinting at a potential third.

This surge indicates strong momentum behind the recent price increase, with $SMOG breaking through a crucial resistance level at $0.1 yesterday. Additionally, $SMOG now boasts over 40,000 unique holders, with trading volume rising by 20% in the past 24 hours.

Smog Price Graph

These factors contribute to the positive outlook for $SMOG. Furthermore, investors are drawn to $SMOG’s tokenomics, which prioritize community involvement. The token’s creator holds only 0.43% of the total $SMOG supply, ensuring fair distribution.

Moreover, ownership has been renounced, preventing the creators from minting additional tokens or modifying the contract. With strong technical indicators, a growing holder base, and increasing trading volume, $SMOG’s price may have further potential for growth.

It’s also set to be listed on several exchanges in the upcoming weeks, which could potentially drive its price even higher. Check the project’s website for more details here.

Smog – A meme coin poised to dominate Solana?

But what exactly is $SMOG, and why are people interested in this new meme coin? Simply put, $SMOG is a meme coin focused on community, launched on Solana in early February. The creators want to use memes and viral marketing to get people involved and make them aware of the coin.

One of $SMOG’s main features is its big giveaway with Zealy, where 35% of the total coins will be given to community members. $SMOG holders can also stake their tokens to earn rewards of up to 42% a year.

The rewards for staking, along with funny graphics and giveaway incentives, have helped $SMOG gather a large community on social media like Twitter. Investors have already staked 17,973,959 $SMOG tokens, showing a strong interest in passive rewards and confidence in the project’s future.

Right now, investors can snag a 10% discount on Smog by buying directly from the project’s website. But they’ll need to act quickly because this offer won’t last long. Moreover, the token has caught the attention of some big crypto influencers.

For instance, Jacob Bury, a YouTuber with 31,000 subscribers, suggested the project could increase 100x, pointing to its approach across multiple chains and the generous giveaway. Given Bury’s influence in the crypto world, his support has likely added to the growing interest in $SMOG.

Multi-chain strategy and planned token burn fuel project’s potential

Moreover, the broader market trend of Solana meme coins gaining traction, as indicated by the success of Bonk (BONK) and dogwifhat (WIF), is also adding to the popularity of $SMOG. There has been a surge in meme coins launching on Solana recently, aiming to leverage its low fees and fast transaction speeds.

Solana has emerged as a fertile ground for viral meme coins, with CoinGecko data indicating that this niche is currently valued at $2.7 billion. While $SMOG benefits from being on Solana, its creators are taking an additional step with a multi-chain approach.

$SMOG was recently introduced on Ethereum as well, expanding access to the token for a broader audience. By tapping into the liquidity and community on both chains, $SMOG is poised to outperform most new meme coins in terms of visibility and adoption.

Furthermore, $SMOG’s roadmap includes plans for a burn protocol that could further accelerate its growth. Although it’s speculative, $SMOG seems to be in a good position to benefit from the growing interest in meme coins among investors, regardless of their level of experience.

To become a part of this exciting new project, purchase $SMOG tokens here.


Smog (SMOG) – Newest Crypto Launch

Smog tokenSmog token
  • Fair Launch on Jupiter
  • Free Airdrop Rewards
  • High APY Staking – smogtoken.com
  • Solana Based Meme Coin with ETH Bridge
  • Trending on DEXTools
  • Upcoming CEX Listings

Smog tokenSmog token

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