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Recent Launches, Additions & Initial Offers in the Cryptocurrency Space Today – Meme Kombat, Clipper, Orbit Protocol


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The current upward trends and positive market outlook have resulted in significant gains for smart investors. Furthermore, the Altcoin market has notably increased, particularly in AI, gaming, and meme coins. As such, investors actively seek coins within these sectors to capitalize on the forthcoming rally.

Emerging tokens and presales are attracting investor interest by promising impressive growth potential. This review delves into their use cases, performance metrics, and noteworthy developments in these coin markets.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today

As Bitcoin Minetrix advances through its remaining ten stages, its adoption continues to surge, with its current Stage 30 amassing over $11.9 million. Concurrently, Bitcoin has breached the $70,000 mark, setting a new record to conclude the week. Additionally, fresh releases have debuted on exchanges such as Coinmarketcap and MECX.

1. Meme Kombat (MK)

Meme Kombat has emerged as a standout contender following its successful ICO and subsequent launch. In the past day alone, the project experienced a notable surge of 38%, signaling strong investor interest. During its presale phase, Meme Kombat amassed over $10 million, underscoring its growth potential.

Initially priced at $0.291, Meme Kombat quickly soared to an all-time high of $0.742, marking a remarkable bull rally of over 150%. This surge propelled it into the top ten hot pairs on Dextools, reflecting its increasing popularity among traders.

MK Price Chart

Currently valued at $0.52 with a market cap of $57 million, Meme Kombat is gearing up for its highly anticipated Season 1 launch. As such, investors eagerly await the virtual combat featuring popular meme characters like Doge, Floki, and Pepe. The countdown to the launch intensifies, with only three days remaining, amplifying excitement among fans.

Moreover, Meme Kombat offers attractive gaming features and passive income opportunities through staking, boasting an impressive 82% annual percentage yield (APY). Meanwhile, large investors, known as whales, actively acquire substantial MK tokens. In particular, recent transactions reached $172,373 from a single wallet address.

Distinct in its concept, Meme Kombat brings together top meme coins in a competitive arena where participants wager on battle outcomes. Also, its unique appeal resonates widely across the meme coin community, as evident from its successful launch with significant price surges.

Forecasts suggest that the $MK token could reach a price of up to $0.7 by the end of 2024. The anticipated crypto bull market in 2025 is a significant catalyst for further growth. Meanwhile, Meme Kombat’s integration of play-to-earn (P2E) elements and expanding its online presence could position it for more success.

2. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Bitcoin Minetrix is introducing a new solution aimed at redefining the mining sector. Leveraging smart contracts on the Ethereum platform, the project introduces its innovative Stake-to-Mine mechanism, designed to overcome the limitations of traditional cloud mining.

Furthermore, the presale has successfully amassed $11.9 million, with each token priced at $0.0138. Investors have staked 720,573,659 BTCMTX tokens, offering an estimated annual rewards rate of 58%. 

At Stage 30 of the presale, investors can earn 158.5 rewards per ETH block, with only ten stages remaining. The next anticipated price rally in three days presents an opportunity for investors to capitalize on the current valuation.

Moreover, phase 2 of the project focuses on developing the platform and setting up facilities, including creating mobile and desktop software. Additionally, Bitcoin Minetrix aims to expand its team and negotiate with major cloud mining conglomerates. The goal is to enhance the Stake-to-Mine contract and secure additional listings on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Transitioning to Phase 3, Bitcoin Minetrix plans to publicly launch its Stake-to-Mine platform, marking a significant milestone in its development journey. This phase will also witness the first withdrawal of mined BTC to users’ wallets. In the final phase, Bitcoin Minetrix aims to achieve mass adoption of the BTCMTX token through sustained marketing efforts while expanding its cloud mining rental services.

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3. Clipper (SAIL)

Clipper, a decentralized exchange (DEX) tailored for blue-chip tokens like ETH and USD stablecoins, has implemented a novel architecture to ensure efficient trading without impermanent loss. Unlike traditional DEXs, Clipper’s liquidity provider (LP) yields are not solely reliant on fees. Instead, they’re based on arbitrage strategies executed in a permissionless and non-custodial manner.

This innovative approach allows Clipper to compute prices off-chain using a sophisticated formula. This formula incorporates low-latency price feeds from centralized exchanges and on-chain state snapshots. By validating prices with on-chain proofs, Clipper can profit from arbitrage while keeping gas fees low for traders and maintaining permissionlessness.

SAIL Price ChartSAIL Price Chart

Clipper’s unique architecture, the Formula Market Maker (FMM), enables off-chain computation without compromising custody. This ensures efficient returns for LPs and superior prices for traders.

Meanwhile, Clipper is available on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Mantle Network chains. Moreover, it provides healthy trade prices with sufficient total value locked (TVL). With approximately $10 million in liquidity (TVL), Clipper offers the best prices for trades up to $10,000, with potential for further growth.

In a sampling study conducted in August 2023, Clipper outperformed 0x API in a $10,000 USDC to ETH trade 92.5% of the time on both legs. Additionally, it outperformed 99.6% of the time on at least one leg.

4. Orbit Protocol (ORBIT)

Recent advancements in the crypto space have introduced Orbit. The decentralized liquidity protocol platform enhances Blast Assets’ lending and borrowing experience. Orbit’s key innovation lies in leveraging Blast’s native yield to offer a more competitive yield for lenders and borrowers than existing protocols.

Furthermore, the protocol operates as a money market. To elaborate, it facilitates interactions between lenders seeking additional yield on their assets and borrowers needing assets with collateral. Lenders supply supported Blast assets for a predetermined lending period. In return, they receive Orbit Assets (oAssets), representing their initial principal and accrued yield.

ORBIT Price ChartORBIT Price Chart

Upon the lending period’s expiry, oAssets can be redeemed for principal plus accrued yield, streamlining the yield collection process. On the other hand, borrowers can obtain assets by providing supported Blast assets as collateral, borrowing within the protocol-defined loan-to-value ratio.

The native yield from lender assets and provided collaterals is accumulated to the Orbit token. It acts as a medium to bring future Blast yield value to the present. Subsequently, Orbit tokens are distributed to lenders and borrowers to subsidize the yield.

Key components of Orbit’s functionality include Orbit Lend and Orbit Borrow, which facilitate lending and borrowing interactions. The protocol utilizes native yield through mechanisms for forward value redistribution to the present, achieved via the Orbit token.

Significantly, Orbit Lending on @Blast_L2 mainnet has surpassed $400 million in Total Value Locked (TVL) and boasts over 3000 unique holders of Orbit tokens ($ORBIT).

The protocol’s USDB pool has reached an impressive $62.23 million, while its ETH pool holds a substantial 90.8K ETH, equivalent to $355 million. This achievement reflects the growing adoption and trust in Orbit’s innovative approach to lending and borrowing Blast assets.

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