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Aevo Price Forecast: AEVO Surges 7% Amid a FOMO Craze Driving This AI Meme Coin Presale Beyond $10 Million


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The Aevo price soared 7% to trade for $3.01 as of 04:50 EST time.

Aevo is the first derivatives Layer 2 (L2) network, focused on options and perpetuals trading. It is built atop the Ethereum blockchain and supported by Coinbase exchange as an investor.

The surge in the Aevo price follows the listing of AEVO on Binance Exchange, the largest trading platform on market capitalization metrics.

It comes only days after the Binance launchpool onboarded AEVO for farming, allowing users to stake and earn free crypto.

Following the AEVO Launchpool, Binance Futures also announce a new promotion for AEVO to reward the community. New futures users and their referrers had the opportunity to participate from between March 8 to 13, with a total prize pool of 120,000 AEVO to be shared.

Even amidst the hype of Binance listing AEVO, the network is concerned about a surge in the number of fake accounts targeting Aevo community members. Specifically, the bad actor is sharing misinformation and links to scams. With this, the network advises caution.

Such activities tend to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) in the community, which explains the little to no surge in trading volume for the AEVO token in the last 24 hours.

Aevo Price Prognosis Amid Binance Listing Mania

The Aevo price is moving within a range on the 1-hour timeframe, with the odds steadily leaning in favor of the downside on the lower timeframe on Binance. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) appears subdued, moving below the 50 threshold.

Further accentuating the bearish thesis, the Aevo price is stuck below the centerline of the Bollinger Indicator at $3.05. Enhanced seller momentum could see the Aevo price lose support due to the lower band of the Bollinger indicator at $3.83. In a dire case, the slump could see the derivatives protocol’s price slip below the $2.80 support into resistance, producing a lower low in the process. This could give the bears a chance to seize the market.


TradingView: AEVO/USDT 1-hour chart

On the other hand, if the bulls have their way, the Aevo price could push north, flipping the centerline into support and use it as the jumping-off point for more gains. A decisive candlestick close above the upper band of the Bollinger indicator at $3.26 could set the pace for a continuation north.

In a highly bullish case, the Aevo price could clear the $3.30 range high, with the potential to extend higher and create a new local top.

While the Aevo price continues to consolidate within a range, consider Scotty AI, a new presale that’s gone parabolic. It’s now raised almost $10.5 million, most of that in the past week alone.

Promising Alternative To AEVO

Scotty the AI advertises itself as a guardian of the digital realm. It has deep insights into the inner workings of blockchain technology, achieved by staying abreast of all things AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

Scotty the AI expertly dissects complex algorithms and code with ease, smartly identifying patterns and anomalies. These would have otherwise been missed even by the most skilled human programmers.

The team behind Scotty has outlined an extensive roadmap for the future of Scotty the AI. The initial phase encompasses launching the Scotty community, and conducting a Scotty AI contract audit.

The project’s staking function offers a 30% annual return with over 470 million SCOTTY tokens already staked. Scotty AI token rewards will be distributed to users at a rate of 82.5 $SCOTTY per ETH block and are payable over 3 years.

The project’s presale sold out earlier than expected, prompting its developers to extend it by a week. The token is due to list in less than four days, but market rumors say the presale may be halted today amid overwhelming demand.

This means now is the last chance to buy SCOTTY at the listing price of $0.01.


Investors can buy the token using Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), or bank cards.

Visit and buy Scotty the AI here.

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