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Is Render Network’s Founder Set to Speak At NVIDIA’s GTC Rejuvenating RNDR Tokens?


Render Network founder Jules Urbach is slated to speak at the upcoming NVIDIA GTC 2024 conference in just 4 days, potentially boosting the price prospects for the RNDR token. Scheduled for March 18th, NVIDIA’s GTC is heralded as the paramount event of the year for aficionados of AI and GPU computing, marking a year filled with rapid developments in generative AI technologies and the rise of decentralized AI networks.

Since the last GTC, NVIDIA has unveiled numerous groundbreaking advancements in AI, launching their high-performance HGX H200 GPU line, releasing new open-access Large Language Models (LLMs), and introducing Tensor Core AI acceleration into the popular RTX line of GPUs.

This year, the conference will spotlight the Blackwell HPC chip architecture, anticipated to succeed the Hopper H200 GPU accelerators, and explore the nexus of immersive media and spatial computing, emphasizing the integration of the Open 3D standard OpenUSD with generative AI.

Render Founder Presents AI Crypto Industry

Jules Urbach’s return to the GTC stage for a live presentation, his first since before the COVID-19 pandemic, is particularly noteworthy since he’s the only crypto founder invited to speak at this prestigious event. Having been a staple at GTC since 2010, Urbach’s insights into GPU technologies have been pivotal.

Scheduled to present on March 20th, Urbach will deliver a talk titled “The Future of Rendering: Real-Time Ray Tracing, AI, Holographic Displays, and the Blockchain.” This presentation is set to offer an updated vision for the future of generative AI, spatial media, and decentralized GPU computing technologies. A focal point of the discussion will be on the convergence of decentralized computing, generative AI, and holographic technology, as demonstrated in The Archive—an immersive spatial experience produced on the Render Network for Apple Vision Pro.

The crypto community can anticipate Urbach sharing milestones achieved by Render Network, including technological advancements and significant projects completed using the platform. These achievements highlight the network’s capacity for professional-grade rendering tasks. Furthermore, Urbach’s presentation could outline the future roadmap of Render Network, detailing upcoming features, technological enhancements, and expansion plans that promise to revolutionize the rendering landscape.

“This year’s presentation promises to build on an iconic 2013 keynote presentation with NVIDIA Founder and CEO Jensen Huang where Jules unveiled the first cloud GPU rendering pipeline,” the Render Network team said in a recent blog post.

“I think it will be one of my most relevant GTC talks, and a reflection of the next paradigm shift we are entering for distributed GPU systems, on par with the first one back in 2013 — when I took the stage with Jensen to announce Render’s centralized precursor (ORC) and then launched with AWS,” Urbach stated looking ahead.

Potential partnerships with NVIDIA and other industry giants could be an explosive topic of discussion, given NVIDIA’s leadership in GPU technology and AI. Such collaborations could further enhance Render Network’s capabilities, and importantly, boost the RNDR price massively.

How Will RNDR Price React?

Ahead of the event, increased attention on AI crypto tokens, particularly RNDR, is to be expected. This is likely to be accompanied by a “buy the rumor of an extended partnership” sentiment that will drive up prices. Ultimately, the decisive factor will be whether the Render founder can present a groundbreaking new partnership or whether it will be a “sell the news” event.

If so, RNDR will most likely be able to reach a new all-time high. At the time of writing, RNDR was trading at $11.07, just below the all-time high of $ 12.71 set last Saturday, March 9.

RNDR price, 1-week chart | Source: RNDRUSD on TradingView.com

Featured image from YouTube, chart from TradingView.com

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