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Predicting JasmyCoin Prices – Will $JASMY Sustain Its Surge as Investors Look for 100x Gains with the Launch of This New Bitcoin Alternative?


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Bitcoin previously reached an all-time high, while JasmyCoin (JASMY) has demonstrated a remarkable surge of over 10% in the past week.

JasmyCoin distinguishes itself by integrating Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities with blockchain technology to create a secure data exchange ecosystem. Being the first crypto coin officially recognized on a Japanese exchange, JasmyCoin has attracted considerable attention from investors worldwide.

This article delves into a comprehensive analysis of JasmyCoin’s price forecast and highlights a new crypto presale initiative that rewards users for accurately predicting Bitcoin’s price.

Jasmy Coin Bridging IoT and Blockchain for Personal Data Control

JasmyCoin is a cryptocurrency venture originating from Jasmy Corporation, an IoT  entity based in Tokyo. The platform integrates IoT and blockchain technologies to empower users with control over their personal data.

It enables secure data transactions across various IoT devices, emphasizing decentralization and individual data sovereignty. Jasmy’s vision is to provide users with robust infrastructure, user-friendly interfaces, and fortified data storage mechanisms, transforming data into valuable personal assets.

By decentralizing operations and leveraging technologies like edge computing and IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), Jasmy promotes data democratization, allowing individuals to own their data while enabling service providers to utilize it for business promotion and service delivery.

$JASMY Price Prediction

Since its inception in the market, the prediction of JasmyCoin’s price has mirrored the volatility inherent in the broader crypto market. Having peaked at $4.99 three years ago, the coin has since undergone price adjustments.

At the time of writing, the $JASMY price stands at $0.0207, with a 24-hour trading volume of $613.92 million and a market capitalization of $1.03 billion. Over the past day, $JASMY experienced a decline of -3.38%.

JasmyCoin 7 Days Price Graph

Despite recent bearish trends, analytical indicators hint at a potential rebound and growth, positioning Jasmy as an attractive option for investors with a long-term outlook. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) sits at 59.07, indicating a neutral market position for $JASMY.

Notably, based on today’s pivot level of $0.0208, Jasmy has support levels at $0.0190 and the strongest support at $0.0151. Similarly, resistance levels are identified at $0.0230 and $0.0269. The optimistic outlook for JasmyCoin’s future pricing is fueled by forecasts of significant expansion.

View the video above for a thorough analysis of JasmyCoin’s price prediction, and don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel for more crypto price forecasting videos. Jacob Crypto Bury also manages a Discord server with 21,000 members, offering users trading tips and information on upcoming crypto presales.

JasmyCoin represents the intersection of IoT and blockchain advancements, set to revolutionize data exchange and empower users with control over their personal information.

Despite encountering obstacles, its resilience and potential for growth signal a promising future. Meanwhile, a new crypto presale has also garnered attention, raising over $7.7 million and emerging as a significant alternative to JasmyCoin.

Green Bitcoin’s Final Chance for a 10x Surge as Presale Ends

The Green Bitcoin (GBTC) project is a crypto presale initiative aimed at incentivizing users who make accurate predictions about Bitcoin’s price. Participants acquire $GBTC tokens, stake them, and forecast Bitcoin’s price on a weekly basis. Depending on the staking duration and prediction precision, participants receive rewards and bonuses.

This eco-conscious token has garnered over $7.7 million in investments from individuals eager to engage with its gamified staking model and environmentally friendly Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, which aims to mitigate crypto’s ecological footprint.

Green Bitcoin employs an energy-efficient validation method, consuming only 34 watt-hours of energy per transaction, which is significantly less than Bitcoin’s consumption.

Early adopters have the opportunity to purchase $GBTC tokens at a discounted price of $1.1062 using $ETH, $USDT, or a card, alongside a crypto wallet to access the presale platform. Tokens remain locked until the presale concludes, during which participants can stake them.

With an 82% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) currently, users can rapidly expand their $GBTC token holdings, though the APR is expected to decrease as more tokens are staked. Once the project reaches its hard cap, $GBTC will be listed on multiple crypto exchanges.

Subsequently, the Bitcoin price prediction game will launch, heralding the project’s exciting phase. To stay informed about Green Bitcoin, follow its updates on X and join its Telegram channel for pertinent project information. To take part in the final chance of $GBTC token presale, visit greenbitcoin.xyz.


Green Bitcoin – Gamified Green Staking

Green BitcoinGreen Bitcoin
  • Contract Audited by Coinsult
  • Early Access Presale Live Now – greenbitcoin.xyz
  • Predict To Earn – Featured In Cointelegraph
  • Staking Rewards & Token Bonuses
  • $7+ Million Raised – Ends Soon

Green BitcoinGreen Bitcoin

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