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New Cryptocurrency Launches, Market Entries & Pre-Releases Today – Scotty The Ai, GoNFTY, Slex


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Investors seek smart market entries to capitalize on the upcoming Bitcoin halving and the potential bull run. This shift in sentiment has led to heightened trading activity in the Altcoin market as investors aim to capitalize on the anticipated rally.

The present market upswing has created favorable conditions for new tokens and presales to garner interest. This analysis delves into their attributes, performance metrics, and notable advancements within the cryptocurrency markets.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today

Bitcoin continues to dominate the NFT market, experiencing a slight increase in sales at the start of the week. Concurrently, Bitcoin Minetrix’s presale Stage 33 has exceeded $12.5 million, offering an impressive APY of 55%. 

Looking forward, GoNFTY is gearing up for several exciting endeavors. These include its listing on a prominent exchange, the launch of Gonfty Open World’s beta version, and the introduction a $GNFTY staking pool. 

1. Scotty The Ai (SCOTTY)

The Guardian of the Crypto Universe project emerges with a clear mission. It aims to fortify the crypto community with Scotty, the AI’s trusted presence and cutting-edge AI-powered solutions. With a total supply of 1,734,567,890 tokens, the project allocates 50% for public sale. Meanwhile, the remaining 50% goes towards staking, development, exchange, and marketing endeavors.

Scotty’s prowess lies in its advanced AI capabilities. It employs state-of-the-art algorithms to scrutinize intricate blockchain data. Consequently, he swiftly neutralizes potential threats with unparalleled agility and precision. Hence, the project emphasizes the integrity of the crypto space, reassuring investors and enthusiasts.

SCOTTY price chart

Furthermore, the project’s transparency and community-driven approach shine through. The team relinquishes token ownership and prioritizes community engagement and empowerment. 

Moreover, Scotty’s roadmap unfolds in three phases. Phase 1 started with the Scotty Community Launch, AI Contract Audit, and Token Generation. A robust marketing campaign and a presale launch followed. Phase 2 introduced Scotty Swap, Chat With Scotty Beta, and Blockchain Takeover. An extensive awareness campaign and Scotty Picks Beta feature accompany this.

In Phase 3, the token is beginning its listings on popular DEXs and CEXs, alongside community partnerships and the debut of the Scotty Times digital newsletter. In summary, the Guardian of the Crypto Universe project positions itself as a beacon of trust, security, and integrity in the crypto market. This is backed by Scotty the AI’s innovative solutions and a commitment to community collaboration.

2. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Bitcoin Minetrix has unveiled an innovative stake-to-mine mechanism leveraging Ethereum smart contracts to revolutionize traditional cloud mining methods. The project has raised $12.59 million in its presale; each BTCMTX token is currently valued at $0.0142, attracting significant investor interest. Notably, 751,694,860 tokens have been staked, reflecting strong confidence in the project’s potential.

The project’s focus now shifts to platform development and facility establishment, including mobile and desktop software creation. Additionally, Bitcoin Minetrix plans to enhance its team and collaborate with leading cloud mining conglomerates.

The primary goal is to refine the Stake-to-Mine contract and secure listings on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. Phase 3 will herald the public launch of Bitcoin Minetrix’s Stake-to-Mine platform, allowing investors to withdraw mined BTC to their wallets for the first time.

In the final phase, Bitcoin Minetrix aims to drive widespread adoption of the BTCMTX token through sustained marketing efforts and expanding its cloud mining rental services. With Stage 33 presale underway, investors can enjoy an APY of 55% through staking, presenting an enticing return opportunity.

With only one day left before an anticipated price rally, investors can seize the current price before a potential surge. This project’s roadmap underscores a strategic approach to development and market penetration, promising a significant impact on the crypto ecosystem.

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GoNFTY is an infrastructure project in the Web3 gaming domain seeking to transform the gaming industry with its integrated platform. The project aims to empower gamers and creators by enabling them to monetize and easily craft Web3 gaming experiences. Furthermore, the project vision is establishing itself as the leading platform ecosystem, facilitating the next wave of value creation in Web3 gaming. 

This ambition underpins a commitment to decentralization. Moreover, GoNFTY strives to become the preferred long-term partner for community networks engaged in the NFT gaming metaverse sector. In addition, GoNFTY pledges to contribute to the sustainable growth of the virtual economy through accessible and user-friendly web3 innovation. 

As such, the project prioritizes environmental sustainability by promoting superior gaming experiences on green, carbon-neutral web3 technologies. Central to GoNFTY’s offerings is the GoNFTY Gamebench, a curated library of web3 games hosted on its platform. This includes partner games, in-house creations, and a proprietary metaverse featuring an in-game NFT marketplace.

GoNFTY Price ChartGoNFTY Price Chart

Likewise, the GoNFTY Marketplace is a cross-chain NFT marketplace tailored for Web3 games. It facilitates the buying and selling of gaming assets, enabling the monetization of metaverse gaming experiences and new revenue streams for developers and players. Additionally, GoNFTY Studio equips creators with toolkits to develop their games and virtual world experiences integrated with chain-agnostic Web3 technologies.

Looking ahead, GoNFTY is set to embark on several exciting initiatives. These include listing on a top-tier exchange, launching the beta version of Gonfty Open World, and introducing a $GNFTY staking pool. It also seeks to forge major partnerships with leading Web3 aggregators. These developments signal GoNFTY’s commitment to reshaping the gaming landscape and unlocking new possibilities in the web3 gaming ecosystem. 

4. Slex (SLEX)

SLEX, abbreviated for Secure and Liquid Exchange, gears up to redefine digital asset trading. Hence, it promises accessibility to diverse assets while driving the adoption of cryptocurrencies and decentralized commodities.

Moreover,  SLEX boasts a robust matching engine capable of handling an impressive 1.5 million transaction orders per second. This sets a new standard in the industry, ensuring split-second accuracy without downtime or lag.

SLEX Price ChartSLEX Price Chart

Furthermore, SLEX offers a suite of trading functions catering to seasoned traders and newcomers. From spot trading to margin trading, futures trading, instant exchange, and commodity trading, the platform provides all the essential tools for successful operations.

To foster a community-driven ecosystem, the SLEX Exchange invites users to suggest assets for listing. The management team evaluates proposals based on liquidity, credibility, and other pertinent factors. However, fiat currencies are not currently part of the exchange’s lineup.

With a global outlook, the SLEX Exchange aims to be accessible to users worldwide. To cater to diverse audiences, it offers multilingual support. Initial language support includes English, Arabic, and Chinese. The platform plans to expand further as it grows.

Plus, cross-platform coverage ensures users can access the SLEX Exchange seamlessly across various devices. This includes web-based browser extensions for desktop convenience, enabling on-the-go trading experiences. Notably, The SLEX Token serves as the cornerstone of the exchange ecosystem. It facilitates various functions such as paying exchange, withdrawal, and listing fees. 

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