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Hexagon collaborates with Nemetschek Group


(Stockholm, Munich, 26 March 2024) Hexagon’s Geosystems division and the Nemetschek Group, a leading software provider for the AEC/O and media industries, today announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the digital transformation within the AEC/O industry. As a first step, the partnership is driving the adoption of digital twins by offering their customers a seamlessly integrated end-to-end workflow for efficient and sustainable building operations.

While huge amounts of data are created during the lifecycle of a building, much of this valuable information resides in silos and becomes outdated over time. Such incomplete and archaic information leads to poor and error prone decisions which negatively affect a building’s performance and increase operational costs. Nemetschek and Hexagon are both convinced that digital twins are key in transforming the industry and overcoming the challenges building owners and operators are facing. A digital twin enhances visibility, increases efficiency and delivers data-driven insights.

Hexagon leverages its end-to-end reality capture and Scan2BIM solutions to automatically capture accurate and real-time field data to create Digital Twins across all sectors. Furthermore, it uses its AI- powered solutions to support building analytics and simulations, generate progress insights as well as provide an immersive experience navigating assets during design, construction and operations through its VR/AR and positioning technology.

dTwin, Nemetschek’s new horizontal, open, and cloud-based Digital Twin platform, delivers data-driven insights and helps customers to efficiently manage facilities from design to operations. It is the first solution in the industry that fuses all data sources of a building in one overarching view. dTwin is bringing together all relevant information from CAD/BIM, IWMS, and more with the real-time streams from building operations and thus provides value via visualisation, data analysis and assets management. With the platform, owners and operators can optimise building operations based on real time information and data-funded decision criteria.

Jointly, Nemetschek and Hexagon will provide customers with the tools, services and expertise for an end-to-end digital twin workflow by joining the up-to-date building data through Hexagon’s latest reality capture solutions with the smart and efficient building operations powered by Nemetschek’s dTwin.

“The future is here — digital twins make work easier, insights available and decisions better,” says Thomas Harring, President at Hexagon’s Geosystems division. “With that, they are paving the way for a more sustainable future. Through our combined strength, we make this a reality for our customers and supercharge the buildings and infrastructure industry with data continuity and digital twins at scale.”

“We are very excited to partner with Hexagon”, says César Flores Rodríguez, Chief Division Officer Planning & Design, and Digital Twin at the Nemetschek Group. “Together we will build digital twins for the large market of existing buildings, making those future proof. Also, we aim to address efficient and sustainable building operations and smart renovation, retrofit or revitalisation projects.”

By bringing together the accurate building data and visual reality, information from CAD/BIM, IWMS, and the real-time streams from building operations, a digital twin enables data-driven decision making and true Building Lifecycle Intelligence™.


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