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$SMOG Accumulates 110,000 Stakeholders And 7.5 Million Finished Zealy Quests Leading Up To $1M Airdrop And CEX Listing


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Hot Solana meme coin Smog has amassed a staggering 110,000 holders ahead of the conclusion of the first round of its airdrop worth a gigantic $1 million. 

However, those who missed out still have one final chance to join “The Greatest Solana Airdrop of All Time” as it’s still not too late to qualify. 

Simply go to the website where you can buy $SMOG at a discounted price, and complete as many tasks as possible on Zealy before 1PM UTC, April 3, to have a guaranteed place in tomorrow’s $1 million airdrop.

Quests are an integral part of Smog’s airdrop rewards program. To boost potential airdrop earnings, participants can join the questboard on Zealy and complete daily quests and community tasks. 

To date, the Smog community has completed an eye-watering 7.5 million quests over on Zealy.

Last Thursday, the team also hinted at an imminent centralized exchange (CEX) listing. Sources say the announcement will come through this week. 

The second season will begin tomorrow after the first has concluded. While season one rewarded questing on Zealy, season two adds more weight to on-chain trading, according to an announcement the team made on X last week. 

With developments coming in thick and fast, there’s some serious upside potential as Smog’s airdrop dovetails with broader market events over the next two months. 

$SMOG Is A Breed Apart Because It’s A Community-Focused Solana Meme Coin

Meme coins can be some of crypto’s most volatile investments due to their tendency to exaggerate price movements in the wider market. 

When Bitcoin is rallying, they can go to the moon, but on a bad day meme coins drain value quicker than any other class of crypto.

Dog-themed coins currently saturate the market. Everywhere investors look, four-legged Shiba Inu lookalikes solicit their money under names like DOGE, SHIB, and FLOKI.  

Smog is from a different realm entirely. His name is a not-so-hidden reference to Smaug, the fire-breathing guardian of gold in The Hobbit. But unlike Smaug, Smog is feeling generous. 

$SMOG launched on the Jupiter decentralized exchange (DEX) on February 7, 2024 with the tagline: “no meme coin can survive the fiery flames of SMOG”. 

What sets him apart from other tempting meme coins? Unlike his canine rivals, Smog encourages community building and engagement through its ambitious airdrop. 

To join the fun, investors need a Solana-compatible wallet with either SOL, USDT, or BONK, which can then be spent on $SMOG via the Jupiter DEX aggregator or Birdeye.

Each $SMOG serves as a ticket into ‘The Dragon’s Court’ crypto community – making holders’ wallets eligible for the airdrop. 

In addition to completing quests, holders can also stake their $SMOG for a vesting period of 90 days to earn even more rewards.

Details on the second season of the airdrop are scarce at present, but the project’s progenitors say there will be a heavier focus on on-chain trading. This ultimately means the more volume held or traded, the bigger the airdrop rewards will be in season two. Will it top the $1 million value of season one’s distribution of $SMOG? In a bull market anything is possible.

Can $SMOG Soar?

All cryptocurrencies are high-risk investments and meme coins are among the riskiest within the sector.

That’s because they often lack obvious fundamentals and rise and fall on the strength of their cultural capital – i.e. the popularity of their underlying memes – while following broader market narratives set by Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Two narratives will gain traction in crypto over the next two months and affect prices across the market: Bitcoin’s halving and the possibility of an Ethereum ETF. 

Bitcoin’s halving on Apr 19, 2024 will slash mining rewards in half, causing a supply squeeze.

Halvings have historically caused Bitcoin rallies, as the law of supply and demand dictates that when supply is restricted, demand (and subsequently, value) rises. 

The following month, the SEC will decide whether to approve or reject Ethereum ETF applications. The SEC’s approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs on January 10 this year caused the whole market to rally, driving Bitcoin to record prices. 

Additionally, Smog represents another sally from the Solana community as it continues to capture Ethereum’s ground. For a long time, Ethereum was the go-to blockchain for minting meme coins, but the recent successes of Solana entries like WIF, BONK and SLERF are challenging Ethereum’s dominance. 

These three narratives will powerfully supplement Smog’s airdrop and CEX events, meaning that the upside potential of a meme coin like $SMOG is far higher than any other new meme coin on the market. 

Find out more and engage with the community on X (Twitter), Discord, and Telegram to catch all the news and updates.

You can also read the Litepaper to find out more.

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Smog (SMOG) – Meme Coin With Rewards

Smog token
  • Airdrop Season One Live Now
  • Earn XP To Qualify For A Share Of $1 Million
  • Featured On Cointelegraph
  • Staking Rewards – 42% APY
  • 10% OTC Discount – smogtoken.com
Smog tokenSmog token

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