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Check Out Today’s Latest Cryptocurrency Offerings, Additions, & Early Sales — MeshWave, Shirushi Coin, Elephant Money 


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InsideBitcoins offers carefully curated selections of newly introduced cryptocurrencies, listings, and presales, highlighting noteworthy prospects within the cryptocurrency space. Tokens like MeshWave, Shirushi Coi, and Elephant Money are gaining attention due to their potential. This analysis examines their tokenomics, use cases, partnerships, and other significant attributes that position them as appealing investment opportunities.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today

The cryptocurrency industry is constantly changing, and each day, new promising tokens are introduced that investors should consider. Diving deeper than the general market trajectory can uncover coins primed for potential growth. Some coins exhibit promising patterns, and others present opportunities to capitalize on current dips. 

Today, we spotlight MeshWave, Shirushi Coin, Elephant, and presale coins like Dogecoin20. We will explore what makes them promising projects. Meanwhile, Bitcoin declined 5% today as Treasury yields surged to their highest level since November.

1. MeshWave (MWAVE)

MeshWave (MWAVE) aims to make high-performance computing accessible to everyone, allowing individuals and organizations to tap into the power of decentralized cloud computing. The MeshWave token (MWAVE) is the main currency used on the MeshWave platform. It’s used for different activities and transactions within the system. MWAVE plays a big role in encouraging people to join the network and rewarding them for their contributions.

The MeshWave project wants to offer optimized environments and top-notch tools so users can easily set up, manage, and expand their tasks. It also encourages network participation through a special token system.

MeshWave Price Chart

MeshWave provides powerful GPU machines for cloud mining. Whether mining Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, MeshWave offers a cheaper option than traditional setups. MWAVE tokens are given out as rewards to users who participate in staking to add liquidity and help the ecosystem grow. People with MWAVE tokens can vote on ideas and plans to decide how the MeshWave platform should grow and change.

Furthermore, the platform integrates with GitLab CI/CD for smooth code building, testing, and deployment on GPU nodes. This smooth integration, efficient workflows, and a good number of big partnerships make MWAVE an appealing choice for both new and experienced investors.

MeshWave is built to handle various AI/ML tasks, offering optimized environments for popular frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and more. With MeshWave, powerful GPU machines can speed up machine-learning jobs, making model training and inference faster.

2. Shirushi Coin (SISC)

Shirushi Coin (SISC) comes from SHIRUSHI Inc., a Japanese company that creates semiconductors, Web3, and IoT devices. Since this token works on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum Chain (ERC), investors and interested parties can be sure the network is dependable.

With SISC, users can buy “Web3 Maker” and mining machines plus PC parts from SHIRUSHI Inc. with a 10% discount. It’s a groundbreaking token bringing Web3 to real life. Users can also get discounts in the Shirushi Market (an online mall where anyone can use crypto for purchases). Plus, at “Shirushi Life,” users can use SISC for everyday needs, like swapping it for digital gift cards or coupons.

Shirushi Coin Price CoinShirushi Coin Price Coin

In exciting news, SHIRUSHI Inc.’s official whitepaper revealed its plans for the NFT Marketplace. This marketplace won’t just be for Japan – it’s going global! It’ll be a platform for trading NFTs across borders, where users can use regular money or cryptocurrencies to buy and sell. Moreover, “Shirushi Coins” will be used for payments in SHIRUSHI Inc.’s NFT Marketplace.

Moreover, users can find SHIRUSHI Inc.’s products on https://web3maker.io/, an online store for the tiniest and lightest mining machines worldwide. This site connects with Metamask. Once Metamask is linked to the site, SHIRUSHI can recognize users by their wallet address.

What’s more, SHIRUSHI accepts bank transfers, credit cards, and cryptocurrencies. If someone pays with cryptocurrencies like ETH, BNB, or SISC, they can buy products without involving a bank. If they pay with Shirushi Coins (SISC), they’ll get a cool 10% off any purchase.

3.. Dogecoin20 (DOGE20)

Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) is an exciting new meme coin built on Ethereum smart contracts, offering passive earning potential to its community members. With DOGE20 tokens, investors can stake their holdings and earn rewards by allowing their tokens to generate profits for them. Additionally, there’s no need to worry about managing complex wallets or safeguarding tokens. $DOGE20 is based on Ethereum and gives holders added flexibility with their ERC-20 tokens.

While Dogecoin has gained popularity, its infinite supply has limited its potential future value. DOGE20 solves this issue by introducing a fixed supply, enabling unrestricted upward pressure on the token price.

Even better, participants in the DOGE20 presale can stake their tokens in the smart contract before the official listing day, maximizing their early rewards potential. To ensure liquidity, the Dogecoin20 team has allocated 10% of the total token supply to create a substantial liquidity pool on Uniswap. Through the DOGE20 staking smart contract, tokens will be distributed to all stakers over a two-year period, offering consistent passive rewards.

The DOGE20 presale has been a resounding success, raising over $8 million in just one week and reaching $10 million by March 26 in its ongoing presale event. This demonstrates widespread market acceptance, allowing investors to acquire $DOGE20 starting from as little as $0.00022 during this period.

Early supporters and presale buyers of Dogecoin20 will enjoy a unique opportunity during the initial staking phase. They can stake their tokens directly into the smart contract before the official listing day, securing a high early Annual Percentage Yield (APY) advantage and laying the foundation for the token’s staking ecosystem.

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4. Elephant Money (TRUNK)

ELEPHANT.MONEY is the world’s first community bank that anyone can join. It’s open to everyone and helps people from around the globe build up their money through active and passive earnings.

People who own ELEPHANT tokens are like the main players. They hold onto $ELEPHANT to keep their money safe and expect its value to increase over time. On the other hand, those who create $TRUNK stablecoins and participate in Futures are like the support team. They don’t directly deal with $ELEPHANT but join in to make steady money with $TRUNK stablecoin or BUSD. Even though they’re not directly involved with $ELEPHANT, their actions still boost the overall buying of $ELEPHANT tokens.

Elephant Money Price ChartElephant Money Price Chart

Those who create $TRUNK stablecoins use BUSD to make them, which then goes into farms or gets locked away (in Stampede) to earn a daily return in TRUNK. These folks also bring in their daily buying power because all the BUSD from creating $TRUNK stablecoins goes into the BUSD Treasury.

Furthermore, TRUNK investors can grow their earnings by putting them into farms or bonding their tokens for passive rewards. TRUNK helps ELEPHANT holders too. All the BUSD used to create TRUNK goes straight to the BUSD treasury. This treasury buys back ELEPHANT, making the support for TRUNK stronger over time as Elephant Money grows.

Everyone who participates in the ecosystem creates buying pressure. Buyers who acquire ELEPHANT for its price increase add to the daily buying volume. Futures traders put BUSD aside to earn daily yield in BUSD, which also adds to the buying volume, with 90% of the BUSD sent to the BUSD Treasury.

In addition to all this, Elephant Money has partnered with several big names in the crypto industry. Working with names like PancakeSwap, Insurace, CertiK, Coinbase, and others could mean this project seems set for success.

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