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Could the Recent Rally of Bitcoin Benefit JasmyCoin and Other Altcoins?


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The upcoming Bitcoin halving creates excitement for a potential crypto bull market, motivating investors to actively seek out promising altcoins like JasmyCoin.

JasmyCoin (JASMY) pioneers a digital currency concept focused on Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. This innovative platform merges IoT technology with blockchain to establish a secure space where users control their data completely.

By emphasizing data autonomy and empowering users, JASMY aims to revolutionize how people engage with their personal information. It prioritizes facilitating secure, direct exchanges between IoT devices and decentralized systems, reshaping the data exchange landscape.

At its core strategy, JASMY decentralizes data management by utilizing edge computing and IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) storage solutions. This not only ensures user privacy and ownership but also addresses significant modern issues like data security and fraud.

JASMY price prediction

The video above delves into JasmyCoin (JASMY), a promising cryptocurrency trading at $0.019 with a market cap nearing $1 billion. However, before delving deeper, it acknowledges the current market leader, Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitcoin is currently experiencing a positive trend, up 2% in the past 24 hours, but faces resistance that could stall or even reverse its gains. This potential roadblock for Bitcoin raises the question: will JasmyCoin forge its own path or follow Bitcoin’s lead?

JasmyCoin itself boasts an impressive past performance, having surged 350% before. It’s also widely available on major exchanges, with room for its trading volume to grow, currently at $48.3 million compared to its market cap.

JASMY Price Graph

JasmyCoin’s presence on major exchanges like Binance, Crypto.com, and Coinbase makes it readily accessible and liquid, attracting traders seeking promising altcoins. While technical analysis can be used to evaluate potential price movements, it’s important to remember that JasmyCoin, like most altcoins, is still influenced by broader market forces.

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, often dictates market sentiment, impacting the trajectories of altcoins. Upcoming events like the Bitcoin halving, in roughly two weeks, add another layer of complexity.

Some anticipate a price surge for Bitcoin, potentially pushing JasmyCoin upwards as well. However, others remain cautious, considering the possibility of post-halving corrections that could affect JasmyCoin’s price.

JASMY alternative – New presale coin launching soon

The hot new meme coin, Dogecoin20 (DOGE20), scored over $10 million in its crypto presale last March, hitting its goal during the Q1 2024 meme coin craze. With a few tokens left before its IEO on Uniswap, the $DOGE20 crew picked April 20th, 2024, as the token claim day, a nod to Dogecoin lovers globally.

Called “Doge Day,” this date is a big Doge culture and community bash, honoring Dogecoin’s playful origins and the famous 420 meme. On this day, Dogecoin supporters gather, crack jokes, share memes, and cheer for the meme coin champ.

By timing their launch with this day, Dogecoin20 hopes to capture the Doge spirit and community vibe. Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) is an ERC-20 token aiming to be a souped-up version of Dogecoin, with better features and a new staking system for passive income.

Unlike Dogecoin, $DOGE20 uses an eco-friendly proof-of-stake consensus method, addressing concerns about traditional mining’s environmental impact. The staking smart contract spreads tokens among all stakers over two years, offering ongoing passive income chances for the community.

According to $DOGE20’s site, current staking rewards are over 50% APY. Specifically, 15% of the total $DOGE20 supply is earmarked for staking rewards, with 12.5% distributed in the first year to reward community members. This setup aims to encourage long-term holding and community involvement.

$DOGE20 aims to address Dogecoin’s inflation problem with a maximum supply of 140 billion tokens. Its tokenomics distribute funds as follows: 25% for presale, 25% for marketing, 25% for treasury, 15% for staking rewards, and 10% for DEX liquidity.

To accommodate latecomers, the team announced a ‘Last Chance To Buy’ stage, offering a limited chance to join before the token hits exchanges. Check out our $DOGE20 price prediction for insights on its future value.

$DOGE20’s current price is $0.00022, available for purchase on the project’s website ahead of launch day with ETH, USDT, or fiat currency. For comprehensive instructions on how to buy $DOGE20, please refer to our detailed guide.


Smog (SMOG) – Meme Coin With Rewards

Smog tokenSmog token
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  • Staking Rewards – 42% APY
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Smog tokenSmog token

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