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BlackRock Expands List of Authorized Participants for Bitcoin ETF


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BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, has recently expanded its list of authorized participants (APs) for its spot Bitcoin ETF, adding prestigious Wall Street firms such as Citi, Citadel, Goldman Sachs, and UBS. This addition brings the total number of APs for the Bitcoin-based fund to nine, demonstrating BlackRock’s growing commitment to the cryptocurrency sector.

The recent inclusion of these firms was made public through an amendment to the ETF’s Form S-1, which was submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on April 5. This development follows a wave of amended applications for Bitcoin ETFs submitted by various financial giants, including BlackRock, to the SEC earlier this year. On January 8, a group of industry leaders, including Ark Invest/21Shares, VanEck, WisdomTree, Invesco, Fidelity, and Valkyrie, filed revised S-1 forms for their spot Bitcoin ETFs, marking a significant step in the approval process.

BlackRock’s Strategic Expansion: A New Chapter in Bitcoin ETFs

These amendments shed light on the financial structures underpinning these potential ETFs, revealing details such as sponsor fees and strategic adjustments. For instance, BlackRock set its sponsor fee at 0.3%, with a promotional rate of 0.2% for the first year or until the ETF reaches $5 billion in assets. In contrast, VanEck opted for a lower permanent fee of 0.25%, while WisdomTree chose a higher fee of 0.5%. Additionally, ARK Invest and 21Shares announced a waiver of their 0.25% fee for the first $1 billion in transactions.

Authorized participants play a crucial role in the ETF market, as they are typically large banks or investment firms tasked with issuing and redeeming ETF shares. They ensure liquidity in the market by creating and redeeming shares based on demand, helping to keep ETF prices in line with the net asset value of the underlying assets. In return for procuring the necessary assets to create ETF shares, APs receive a bundle of shares known as a creation unit.

The expansion of BlackRock’s authorized participants for its spot Bitcoin ETF, along with the flurry of amendments to existing spot BTC ETF applications, signifies a noteworthy progression in the journey toward a U.S. Bitcoin ETF. The upcoming weeks and months will be crucial in determining the outcome of these applications and their potential impact on the cryptocurrency market.

Dogecoin20: Revolutionizing Meme Coins with Sustainability and Staking Rewards

In the world of crypto, Dogecoin has claimed its throne as the premier meme coin, celebrated for its philosophy of “Do Good Every Day” and reigning supreme in the meme coin category on CoinMarketCap. Despite its popularity, Dogecoin’s inherent inflationary structure and the absence of incentives for long-term holding have left certain investors seeking alternatives.

Enter Dogecoin20, a novel contender in the realm of meme coins, setting a new course towards sustainability. This Ethereum blockchain-based version of Dogecoin is not just a nod to Elon Musk’s favored digital currency but a leap towards an eco-friendly future for meme coins.

Dogecoin20 is not merely following in the footsteps of its predecessor; it is pioneering a path by merging the beloved characteristics of meme coins with practical, long-term value. This is primarily achieved through the introduction of on-chain staking mechanisms, allowing participants to earn rewards by staking their tokens to bolster the network’s security.

This initiative is poised to redefine the meme coin sector by offering something previously unseen: a tangible utility that encourages and rewards long-term engagement. With a total supply of 140 billion tokens, 25% of which are available in the ongoing presale, Dogecoin20 presents a lucrative opportunity for early adopters. This strategy, coupled with its commitment to sustainability, positions Dogecoin20 as a formidable rival to the original meme coin king.

Dogecoin20’s roadmap is clear and ambitious, aiming to propel the meme coin into a greener, more sustainable future. By aligning the whimsical spirit of meme coins with environmental consciousness and stakeholder rewards, Dogecoin20 stands out as one of the market’s most promising cryptocurrencies.

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