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MoveTheCoLand Set to Transform Esport & Gaming Sector Through Esport 3.0


PRESS RELEASE — New York City, New York, United States/29th July 2022/BetCoVerse has set new standards in the Esport gaming industry. The Esport 3.0 is the revolution in the Metaverse and VR gaming, creating a unique online-to-online ecosystem. It is the advanced level in the virtual reality experience that has the potential to change the gameplay.

BetCoVerse has utilized all the components from the blockchain industry and crypto world, including Metaverse, Gamefi, Socialfi, NFT, and others. The combinations make it possible to create version 3.0 of the Esport gaming.

It also relies on the Web 3.0 concept where the user gets full control of the content, which doesn’t only limit to reading and writing but also owns it. Hence, players can be completely involved in the ecosystem and enjoy every bit like other users.

Different projects have faced a delay or complete failure due to a lack of trade volume. However, BETC (the currency used in this Metaverse) is providing a solution by reinvesting and increasing the pace of the project advancements. It incentivizes the community, users, and players by providing a practical solution while collaborating with deflationary DeFi protocol.

The concept may seem unique and oddly satisfactory, but it aims to give users passive income even when they are not holding their tokens. Hence, their deflationary protocol will enable users to get multiple benefits like revenue, cashback, dividends, lotto, rewards, utility NFTs, and many more. Moreover, a fraction will also add to the marketing budget to attract new investors and benefit everyone.

The good news is the initial tradable NFTs are in the developmental stage, and soon the platform will launch them to open users. It will play a significant role in establishing the Metaverse everyone has dreamed of. The people will enable to watch sporting events and enhance the entertainment sector of this exceptional VR world.

As sports bring people, nations, and countries together, despite their cast, creed, religion, or any physical or mental boundaries, BetCoVerse has chosen it to spread unity. After all, the platform believes in sharing resources can care for each other.

The platform is on a mission to provide every potential token holder and user an opportunity to serve the sporting industry. Follow BETC’s official Facebook page and Telegram channel to learn more. You can also ask your queries from the support team by visiting their website: http://betc8.org

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Website: http://betc8.org

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July 30, 2022


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