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Pre-Launch of Multi-Chain Meme Coin Raises $2.1 Million – Is This the Next Valuable Cryptocurrency?


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With an astounding $2.1 million raised during its presale within days, Dogeverse launches as a leading contender in the meme coin arena.

This groundbreaking project distinguishes itself with an innovative multi-chain solution, enabling users to seamlessly manage and exchange tokens across top blockchains like Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Base.

This strategic, multi-chain approach positions Dogeverse for long-term success and the potential for significant rewards.

What is Dogeverse?

$DOGEVERSE emerges as a groundbreaking multi-chain Doge token, inspired by Cosmo, the chain-hopping Doge. It aims to unite various crypto communities through a shared love of Doge memes and a vision of a connected ecosystem across Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Base.

Cosmo, born from the remnants of a collapsing supernova, symbolizes freedom and exploration in the crypto world by effortlessly moving between blockchains. His journey from a lone traveler to the heart of the Dogeverse showcases the power of community and innovation.

$DOGEVERSE, represented by Cosmo, invites everyone to join a journey of unity and creativity in the crypto universe. With Wormhole and Portal Bridge technology, it ensures smooth and secure navigation for token holders across different chains, fostering Doge culture and increasing liquidity and utility.

By allowing the acquisition and claiming of $DOGEVERSE tokens across six major blockchains, Dogeverse breaks down barriers between crypto communities, promoting inclusivity and bringing meme lovers and blockchain enthusiasts together on both decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Dogeverse tokenomics

The token allocation plan for $DOGEVERSE is carefully crafted to support ecosystem growth, encourage community involvement, and ensure the project’s lasting success. Here’s how the tokens are distributed:

    • Presale Allocation: 15% of tokens go to early supporters, recognizing their vital role in the project’s beginnings.
    • Staking Rewards: 10% of tokens are set aside to reward those who stake their tokens, promoting stability in the $DOGEVERSE ecosystem.
    • Project Funds: 25% of tokens are allocated to ongoing development and scalability efforts.
    • Liquidity Pool: 10% of tokens are reserved to provide liquidity on exchanges, making trading smoother for all users.
    • Marketing: 25% of tokens are devoted to global marketing and community-building activities to encourage widespread adoption.
    • Ecosystem Funds: 10% of tokens are dedicated to strategic partnerships and new feature development to enhance the $DOGEVERSE ecosystem.
    • Exchanges: 5% of tokens are saved for future exchange listings, expanding the project’s accessibility to a larger audience.

Multi-chain network deployment and management strategies

The launch of $DOGEVERSE is carefully planned to ensure easy access and efficiency. It starts with releasing the token on Ethereum for its security and wide usage. This sets the stage for expanding to other chains like Solana and Polygon using technologies like Wormhole and Portal Bridge, allowing smooth token transfers.

A key part of this plan is enabling presale participants to claim their tokens on their preferred blockchain, demonstrating a focus on user needs.

The Multichain Mastery and Deployment Strategy ensures seamless interaction with $DOGEVERSE on different blockchains, enhancing trading by reducing costs and accelerating transactions. The goal is for $DOGEVERSE to be accessible to everyone, embracing a multichain approach and fostering an inclusive community.

This strategy reflects a commitment to innovation and aligns with Cosmo’s vision of a united crypto world.

Competitive advantages of the multi-chain strategy

$DOGEVERSE ensures smooth and secure navigation between chains through Wormhole and Portal Bridge technologies, embodying true multichain functionality. Users benefit from lower fees and faster transactions, enhancing their trading experiences.

The direct claim feature empowers users to start their journey on their preferred blockchain, offering unmatched flexibility. This approach makes $DOGEVERSE accessible to a wide audience, including Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon enthusiasts, fostering inclusivity.

By carefully planning its release across various blockchains, $DOGEVERSE aims to create a user-focused platform, aligning with Cosmo’s vision of a unified crypto world. You can explore the potential future of Dogeverse through our $DOGEVERSE price prediction.

Dogeverse roadmap

Phase 1: By launching the Dogeverse website, crafting secure $DOGEVERSE tokens, and fostering a community of enthusiasts, it establishes the foundation for a thriving Dogeverse universe.

Phase 2: Ensuring the smart contract’s security and reliability through thorough audits by leading industry firms ensures a solid foundation for the Dogeverse ecosystem.

This, coupled with providing an exclusive opportunity for early supporters to join Cosmo’s journey into the Dogeverse, establishes a strong sense of community and loyalty.

Engaging in social activities and promotions further cultivates a lively and inclusive Dogeverse community, fostering connection and excitement among its members.

Phase 3: To amplify $DOGEVERSE’s reach, a multifaceted marketing strategy will be deployed. This includes utilizing a creative mix of traditional and guerrilla marketing tactics, securing listings on major crypto tracking platforms for enhanced visibility, and fostering community-driven initiatives alongside strategic collaborations and partnerships.

Phase 4: To enhance accessibility and liquidity, $DOGEVERSE will be introduced on multiple DEXs. Additionally, integrations with leading analytics platforms will provide users with real-time data and valuable insights, empowering informed decisions within the Dogeverse.

Phase 5: To solidify $DOGEVERSE’s position and expand its reach, listings on top centralized exchanges will be pursued alongside innovative marketing strategies. This ensures both increased credibility and a thriving community through continuous engagement and the attraction of new members to the Dogeverse.

Dogeverse presale selling out fast: Get in early for massive profits

They recently raised $2.1 million in just a few days, nearing their $2.6 million goal. This strong showing suggests the next price increase could happen within the next 24 hours, as the current funding tier might close soon.

$DOGEVERSE is currently priced at $0.000292 and can be purchased with Ethereum, USDT, credit card, BNB, MATIC, or AVAX. Alternatively, potential investors can visit our guide on how to buy Dogeverse tokens here.

Dogeverse is breaking the mold by distributing its tokens over different blockchains during the presale. Presales are often limited to one blockchain at a time, but Dogeverse will be available on many blockchains at the same time.

This is significant as it implies users can select the blockchain that best meets their needs and provides for greater accessibility from the start. To participate in the $DOGEVERSE token presale, visit thedogeverse.com.


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