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Next Cryptocurrency To Explode Sunday, April 14 – Ondo, Maker, Quant 


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Bitcoin’s 10% dip yesterday has sent a wave of price decline across the crypto market. The Fear/Greed index dropped by over 14 points, reaching 61 at the time of writing. While the pullback was anticipated, several traders are unaware of its severe impact. Market trends show that the price reversal drained nearly a billion dollars in open position. 

Nonetheless, what is the next cryptocurrency to explode? The quest to identify the next cryptos to explode remains a priority for investors even as the price dump bites harder. The list below spotlight some cryptocurrencies with immense potential. 

Next Cryptocurrency To Explode 

Moreover, investors are turning to presale offers to identify promising crypto projects. This article equally covers the presale offering of the 5SCAPE tokens, which has raised over $3.6 million within weeks. The project is making impressive progress with its presale, and below are noteworthy details that investors should pay attention to.

1. Ondo (ONDO) 

Ondo is currently on many investors’ watchlists because of its resilient performance against the overall bearish trends in the crypto market. Since its launch earlier, ONDO has given investors over 400% ROI. Similarly, in the last 24 hours, the asset has posted over 4% returns, making it one of the top crypto gainers. 

Generally, ONDO is known for its value in the RWA sector. It capitalized on the sector’s popularity, staining a peak value of $1 at the peak of the RWA narrative in Q1 of this year. With the declining price across major assets, investors are betting on the shift towards tokenization. With ONDO being a major crypto platform, investors can expect an explosive uptrend in the coming days. 

ONDO Price Chart

At the time of writing, ONDO’s RSI chart signals a neutral trend with a value of 55. it means the asset is neither oversold nor overbought. Thus, the current bullish sentiment might hold against the overall crypto outlook. Also, ONDO’s short-term and long-term moving averages on the daily chart are trending below its current price. It signifies the potential for further gains. 

On the other hand, ONDO’s push for more exchange listings may have triggered the project’s current upsurge, and it could sustain the trend for many days. Nevertheless, it’s best to take a relatively short-term view when considering the token, as the uncertainties in the crypto market may affect its future performance. 

2. Maker (MKR) 

Will investors see $4000 MKR again? MKR made an impressive ride from the $1500 at the beginning of the bull run until it reached $4000 this quarter. However, the price dump in the crypto market has resulted in over 30% pullback, bringing its price below $3000. Many investors wonder if the decline is an opportunity to buy MKR ahead of another rally. 

Maker DAO token MKR has several factors that suggest it still has the potential to return to the upside. However, the pessimism in the market has forced the token into a sideway trend. Technical analysis of the MKR chart suggests that the Bulls may regain their upper hand before the end of the quarter. 

MKR Price ChartMKR Price Chart

Currently, the token’s RSI value trends closer to the oversold value. The RSI reading has a value of 42. The bear’s hold on the asset’s trend would likely weaken with market recovery. Similarly, the long-term moving average value remains below its price, providing more room for uptrend. On the other hand, EMA10 and EMA20 are trading above the current MKR price, indicating that the pullback may continue. 

Interestingly, MKR has recorded over 10% recovery after the massive price dump, signifying the potential for further upside. In addition, MKR trading volume is up by over 104%, which is a factor that may contribute to additional pressure on the price of the asset. 

Above all, MKR is one of the cryptocurrencies with the highest returns in this bull run and has enough window to print more margin. Nevertheless, the token’s future performance borders on the crypto market’s general outlook. 

3. 5th Scape (5SCAPE) 

5th Scape just entered stage 5 of its presale, and investors who get in early are already on track to earning ROI on their capital. At the time of writing, 5SCAPE is on presale at 

$0.00215. Investors who get in early can take advantage of the listing price of $0.01. At the current price, early investors can get over 365%. 

The project aims to revolutionize Virtual Reality technology. The team behind the project is working towards what might become the largest VR network worldwide. While the project is still developing, it’s already gaining traction as its social media platforms now boast thousands of enthusiastic investors and followers. 

Furthermore, 5th Scape is expanding the scope of its offering beyond the entertainment and gaming experience. Investors joining the vision are also participating in what might become the VR hardware revolution of the future. 

The 5th Scape project has also set a mission to ensure the decentralization of VR hardware creation. The move is intended to take away the power to control the creation and distribution of VR adware from the corporate giants and give it to the people. Investors can find complete information about the project and its potential in its whitepaper and presale website. 

Visit 5th Scape Presale 

4. Quant (QNT) 

QNT has maintained a seemingly sideways trend for several weeks, with its price swinging between the $100 and $140 range. However, the recent reversal in the crypto market forced the price of QNT below the range low towards the $88 price. Surprisingly, the token quickly recovered, pushing its price towards the $100 level. The impressive performance of QNT in the last 24 hours suggests that the token is one of the assets to watch in the down market. 

Teninclay’s QNT chart analysis also signals a chance for more uptrend in the coming days. Currently, the token has an RSI reading of 32, which shows that the token is largely oversold. However, its moving averages are mainly bearish as they trend above the current price. Hence, investors may not see QNT’s price rise to $116 or above in the coming days. 

QNT Price ChartQNT Price Chart

Nevertheless, the QNT dip present allows the token to accumulate towards an uptrend. The token has broken the $100 – $104 resistance, and it’s currently headed for the $90 – $94 floor. 

More importantly, QNT still has the CBDC initiative in the pipeline, which would likely influence the future of the token. Also, Quant announced the new Overledger pricing plans and functionality. As more use cases of the platform surface, investors can expect a notable surge in the token’s price.

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