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TRON Welcomes a Collaboration with Hans Zimmer, Bringing the Web3 Platform to Life


“Part of my job is to do what you can’t imagine……Make music which has a timeless feel about it. Music  that makes you want to go and open your arms and embrace the future in the most humanistic way you  can” – Hans Zimmer

Back when he was starting his career, Justin Sun – founder of the TRON blockchain ecosystem – had built playlists on early Chinese streaming services that heavily featured his favourite genre, one he referred to as “Epic Music”. Among tracks like Victory (Two Steps from Hell) and Michael Conn’s the Pitcairn Story sat songs from the film Inception by the acclaimed composer Hans Zimmer.

As Justin started to dream about what might be possible with the early advent of cryptocurrency and the building blocks of Web3, his Epic Music playlists provided a fittingly inspirational soundtrack.

Then TRON exploded into popular consciousness, becoming a top 3 blockchain ecosystem in  short order. Justin was transported into a world of possibility – suddenly, the dream of a truly  decentralized world – a community freed from the shackles of traditional gatekeepers – emerged, with TRON at the vanguard of this movement.

With the advent of COVID, a new world emerged, a world with less real-world contact and communication, but also a deepening of the online space. It was against this backdrop that  Justin began to think the new paradigm he was creating needed a soundtrack both to inspire a TRON community laid low by the nascent pandemic and to highlight the blue-sky opportunity  that he started to believe could exist in this new Web3 space.

Of course, someone was needed to interpret this grand vision in song, and the choice was  instantaneous and definite. The man who had brought to life some of the biggest films of our  lifetime, a man who had sonically re-imagined everything from the Roman Colosseum to a  futuristic Space Station and everything in between.

Conversations between Hans and Justin began in early 2022, with passionate and voluble exchanges over Zoom between Justin – locked down in his Singapore house – and Hans, in  between rehearsals for a new arena tour around Europe in a studio next to Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate, a fitting backdrop as a global symbol of peace and unity. As we’d hoped, these two innovators found immediate common ground over the internet and the way it has  shaped technological development over the last ¼ century. As the conversations deepened, they turned to its influence over everything else – community, philosophy, humanity and  civilization. The seeds for the TRON Anthem were planted in those early conversations.

2 years and multiple revisions later, we are happy to be launching the TRON Anthem on April 16th 2024, a song by Hans Zimmer and inspired by Justin Sun and this Web3 future that we hope  will bring equity and equality for all. This is an anthem for the amazing TRON community and  everyone else that believes in the principles that govern our approach to the future.

“The concept of the DAO is way more than making profit or doing some business – it’s way beyond that. It’s more a life with a soul. No matter what kind of language you speak, when you listen to the song, everyone will feel the spirit and power.” – Justin Sun


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