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Dogwifsaudihat Cost Forecast: WIFSA Dives To Historical Bottom While Analysts Suggest Considering This Multi-Chain Doge Derivative For 10X Profits


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The Dogwifsaudihat price plummeted over 71% in the past 24 hours to trade for $0.000421 as of 04:20 a.m. EST on trading volume that dumped by more than 30%.

The WIFSA plunge comes as the cryptocurrency market continues to bleed, with altcoins withstanding the weight of the fall seen in the Bitcoin price. For the Dogwifsaudihat price, the meme coin plunged to an all-time low of $0.000226 before recovering some losses.

Dogwifsaudihat Price Outlook Amid Broader Market Crash

Amid the ongoing weakness seen in the market, the odds lean further and further in favor of the downside. Multiple technical indicators continue to flash bearish.  For starters, the immediate resistance due to the 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) at $0.000817. The inclination of this moving average to the downside shows that this is the path with the least resistance.

Besides the 50-day SMA, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is also subdued below the 50 mean level. Also, the Awesome Oscillator (AO) and the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) are in negative territory. It indicates a prevailing bearish sentiment in the WIFSA market, tilting the odds further in favor of the downside.

With such an outlook, investors should not be surprised of the Dogwifsaudihat price drops further to record a lower bottom below $0.000222. This is worse when coupled with the fact that the broader market is bearish. Ethereum, the king of altcoins, has slipped below $3,000,

Dogwifsaudihat price

TradingView: WIFSA/USDT 30-mins chart

Converse Case

On the other hand, considering the position of the MACD above the orange band of its signal line, a bullish cycle could ensue. However, even though a recovery above the 50% Fibonacci placeholder of $0.001188 would be a good move, the bearish thesis would only be invalidated if the WIFSA price reclaims above $0.002000 psychological level. A move above this base would draw more buy orders, increasing the odds for the Dogwifsaudihat price to reclaim the $0.002155 peak.

With meme coins struggling, some experts say the DOGEVERSE presale is the way to go ahead of International DOGE Day and the Bitcoin halving on April 20.

Promising Alternative To Dogwifsaudihat

Dogeverse is the latest entrant into the meme coin space, presenting a multichain ICO. It joins crypto’s long line of Shiba Inu-inspired funny tokens, aiming to appeal to meme fans, degens, and crypto evangelists alike.

The allure of Dogeverse is in its cross-chain capabilities that provide a hint of what tomorrow’s meme coins will look like.


With the multi-chain deployment mechanism, investors can interact with the Dogeverse ecosystem in any way they see fit.

Those who want more accessibility can pick Ethereum. Scalability seekers can go for Avalanche. Affordable crypto watchers can use the Solana or Polygon blockchains.

Base is suitable for those looking for something new, and for those looking for a more utility-focused ecosystem in Dogeverse, BNB Chain is the way to go.

The Dogeverse mascot, Cosmo the Doge, is a cute little mutt “born with the unique ability to hyper jump between the stars of the crypto universe.”

Dogeverse tokens can be staked to earn passive rewards with an annual yield of 157%. So far, upwards of 10.162 billion DOGEVERSE tokens are already staked.


Dogeverse has raised $6.7 million in less than 10 days and is now priced at $0.000297 per token. But the price will increase in less than 27 hours, so buy now if you are interested.

Visit and buy Dogeverse on the official website here.

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