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Prominent Cryptocurrency Ready to Surge on Thursday, April 18 – Pyth Network, Dogecoin, Injective


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Bitcoin continues its choppy trends even as the market approaches the halving event. Ideally, the price of BTC would kick into an uptrend ahead of the halving date. However, its price has shifted primarily between the $64k and $62k range for many days of the week.  

Generally, Investors anticipate a trend reversal after the halving events. However, the chance of a reversal depends on fund inflow into the crypto market. In the meantime, Funds are rotating into Altcoins as several alts are gradually recording trend reversals. 

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In a few days, the crypto now has a new Dogecoin crypto to make Doge Day. DOGE20 went live on the decentralized exchange Uniswap today ahead of Doge Day. Today’s post spotlights the project and shares details that investors should know. 

1. Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) 

Doge-themed coins would soon have their day. In about two days, the crypto community will mark Doge Day. The 20th of April is earmarked as the date to remind the world that cryptocurrency is not only about finance and technology. It aims to input some fun into the ecosystem. 

Besides being a day for crypto enthusiasts to have fun, the date is also a few days away from the Dogecoin20 listing date. The DOGE20 has been on presale for a few weeks now and investors are finally getting their chance at trading the token on an exchange platform. The tokens listing was announced on the project’s official Twitter handle today. 

The team has achieved remarkable success with the presale offering of the token, raising over 10 million dollars in presale funds, and gathering a community of thousands of raving fans. Dogecoin20 twitter handle boasts thousands of followers across varying age demography. The growing engagement on its Twitter handle also proves the potential of the new crypto project. 

The world is about to find out how the DOGE20 community would influence the crypto market. A recent announcement on its official Twitter handle reveals that the token is now live on Uniswap, and the liquidity is locked. 

Thus, investors can now trade the token, and early investors who participate in the presale can take ROI on investment. However, the DOGE20 token has a 7-day lock period to preserve the value of the token. The project’s website and the Twitter handle offer further information about the exchange listing. It also guides investors on how to claim their tokens. 

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2. Dogecoin (DOGE) 

Since the rise of Solana as the platform of choice for the meme culture, cat-themed meme crypto has taken over the trend. Dogecoin, a dog-themed cryptocurrency, dominated the previous bully cycle. In a few days, the crypto community would mark a fun crypto day, code named Doge Day. 

Even though there is negligible anticipation of the day, it could result in a marginal increase in the price of DOGE tokens. Investors who take a position in Dogecoin ahead of Doge Day can take marginal ROI despite a market-wide crypto price decline. 

Already, the price of DOGE is up by over 2% in the last 24 hours and the token’s trading volume is up by 6% against the declining price action of the past 7 days. Presently, the token has an RSI reading of 57 on the weekly timeframe and an ADI value of 43. The indicators signify that the bulls have the potential to keep the token on a continued uptrend. 

DOGE Price Chart

Moreover, Dogecoin’s MACD reading remains bullish on the uptrend at the time of writing, and Ema50 and EMA200 readings indicate a bullish trend as they trend above the current price. DOGE shows strength for the upside in the short time and it offers investors the opportunity to take marginal ROI from the market. However, the over outlook in the market remains bearish, and it might affect the long-term value of the asset. 

3. Pyth Network (PYTH) 

Python Network was one of the crypto tokens that amassed significant value in the early days of the bull market. At the peak of the market, PYTH had a value of over $1. It outperformed several of the top cryptocurrencies. 

However, PYTH has lost a significant portion of its gains to the bearish trends in the crypto market. The token is now approximately valued at $1, nearly 40% below its peak value. Its market cap is also down by a significant margin compared to what it recorded on the uptrend.
PYTH Price Chart PYTH Price Chart

Nevertheless, PYTH is one of the crypto tokens to watch in this market. At press time, the token is on a reversal trend with over 5% gain in the last 24 hours. In addition to increasing prices, PYTH has also seen some increase in trading volume against the overall trends in the market. 

Generally, this price action suggests the return of investor interest in the asset, which can cause a marginal increase in price. Also, the current price of PYTH is relatively closer to the ATH value than most altcoins. The possibility of breaking the ATH in the near term could substantially impact the market perception of PYTH potential. The TVL of PYTH across various networks is also on the rise, according to a post on its social media handle. 

Investors looking at crypto tokens for short-term trading opportunities should include PYTHON in their watch list, as the token has the potential for further upside. Moreover, Pyth Network offers a unique service in the crypto industry, meaning that its assets will continually remain in demand. 

4. Injective (INJ) 

The price of injective is up by over 15% today, and it has a price of $28 at the time of writing. INJ is also among the top crypto gainers of the bull market, amassing over 400% gains at the peak of the trend. Investors praise the token as one of the best performances as its price climbed from about $9 in October to about $55 in March.

INJ Price Chart INJ Price Chart

However, there are signals that INJ might be on track for another leg up. Technical analysis of the token shows that investors might be able to take a position for short-term gains; however, the long-term moving average indicator on the daily chart shows that investors might bear on the asset in the long term as its current price trends below its 200-day EMA. 

Nevertheless, its 10-day EMA shows a trend reversal, positioning the token as an ideal opportunity for short-term investment. In addition, INJ’s crypto burn strategy provides the conduit to preserve its value over the long run. While the token may not return to its peak value any time soon. It would continue to push the boundary of its price in the coming days. 

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