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Most Popular Cryptocurrencies on Solana Blockchain Today –  Jiji, Buna, Popcat


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The gloomy cloud in the crypto market grows thicker with the marginal decline in the price of Bitcoin today. With giant tokens trading below the 62k price, many believe the bull market is over, and the Fear/Greed index is below the 60-point mark for the first time in over four months. 

However, as the bearish sentiment builds up across the crypto market, the top trending cryptocurrencies on the Solana chain print impressive numbers. Some of the tokens on the chain recorded over 165% increase in the last 24 hours. The trend in the Solana network gives many people the idea that the funds would likely rotate into alts in the coming months. 

Top Trending Cryptos on Solana Chain

Presale crypto trends are comparatively different. Upcoming crypto projects continue to receive growing interest from investors, with several projects raising tens of millions within weeks. 5th Scape is an ongoing presale project that is increasingly influential in the virtual reality space. This article covers the presale offering of the project and shares an overview of what the project entails. 

1, Popcat (POPCAT) 

POPCAT is a recently launched memecoin project on the Solana chain, and in less than four months, the token has gained over a 2200% price increase. The project webpage described the memecoin as a team effort to give people who missed out on the BONK play a chance to have their share of the 1000x trends. 

Despite the declining prices of cryptocurrencies across the board, POPCAT has managed to post consistent price increases in recent times. Market data shows that the crypto has seen over 40% price increase this week and is appropriately positioned to attract further increases in the coming weeks. 

POPCAT Price Chart

With a market cap of over $350 million, POPCAT is among the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies. The market cap stems from the number of tokens in circulation. Approximately one billion POPCAT tokens are in circulation at the time of writing, according to the informant on its Solscan data page. Similarly, it has over forty thousand holders, according to DEXTools, and has completed over 26200 transactions.  

The project maintains a highly engaged community with consistent interaction across social media platforms. The activity of the group also accounts for the growing attention it receives.  

Popcat is trying to increase the use cases and ensure holders get value from the token. It has established partnerships with Solana-based platforms, such as with the Trojan on Solana. The partnership makes it easier to trade the POPCAT token at zero fee. The partnership details are available on the project’s official Twitter handle. 

2. Jiji (JIJI) 

JIJI recently debuted on the Sol Chain with a market cap valued at one million dollars and a liquidity value of $520k. JIJI is a multi-chain utility project with a presence on the Solana and BNB chains. The token has a price of $0.0008314 at the time of writing, and its trading volume is $46.88M. The sudden pump in its trading volume, which is nearly 1000% of its current market cap, is due to its appearance on the list of trending assets on the Solana chain. 

The boost in trading volume also complements its surging price. In the last 24 hours, JIJI has seen an increase of over 165% in price. If the community and team keep up the impressive trend, the project will likely see repeated appearances on the trending list over the coming weeks and the quarter. 

Furthermore, JIJI also boasts a growing number of holders, as DEXTools records 3400 holders, a little higher than what was seen on the previous day. Moreover, Solscan data shows that the project has completed over 50402, which may signify a growing use case. 

JIJI Price ChartJIJI Price Chart

Although the project has several upsides, JIJI poses a significant downside that threatens the long-term ability of the crypto to sustain its value. According to its DEXTools data, the token has a high volatility rating, meaning its price fluctuates more rapidly than most crypto tokens. 

Also, the project needs more background information about its founders and team. In addition, the operational details and white paper of the project are unavailable as of the time of writing, which makes it slightly challenging to verify the overall value of the project. 

3. Buna (BUNA) 

Buna Games is a newly launched crypto gaming platform on the Solana chain that leverages GameFi trends to promote a reward-focused fun experience for users. The project combines memecoin with utility features to ensure token holders receive value for participating in its community. 

Buna, the name for the project’s mascot, is described as a super cat with a unique mission. The project claims the mascot will tear down traditional financial barriers and provide the power to create wealth for community members worldwide. The project is gradually amassing a following around the world. 

BUNA Price Chart BUNA Price Chart

According to the information on DEXTools, the project has over 3200 holders as of the time of writing. Token supply is reportedly about 4.1 million BUNA and has a $4.19 million market cap. Buna’s price has received a slight value pump due to the recent interest in the project, especially as it appeared on Solana’s trending list today. 

Despite Buna Game’s impressive price and market data, it lags in liquidity as DEXTools reports a liquidity value of $159.93K. It also has limited background information about the team, partners, and people behind the project.

Buna Games solves the problem of GameFi by providing swift in-app payment services to blockchain-based games. If the project achieves the efficiency of the traditional payment system, it may unlock the future of Blockchain payment, as GameFi holds a critical role in the industry’s future. It also affects the burn strategy to reduce the circulating supply of its tokens. 

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto

Virtual Reality technology will eventually revolutionize how people consume content. The world is seeing various iterations of the technology and the trends building up around it. As the global economy entered the new year, we saw the dominance of the AI narrative boost, leading to AI cryptocurrencies’ dominance in the market. 

However, the future will likely surge in Virtual reality hype as VR gear users increase. Thus, the 5th Scape is working towards becoming a force to reckon with within space. It recently launched the presale offering of the 5SCAPE token, which is intended to serve as the project’s native currency. 

5th Scape is designed to deliver top-notch content to VR users worldwide. The project is described as the most prominent VR network worldwide, and it aims to distribute gaming and entertainment content across the network. Moreover, it also aims to provide educational content to VR users, another emerging use case of VR gear. 

However, at the moment, it offers the 5SCAPE token to investors worldwide at $0.00215. The intended listing price is $0.01, meaning the presale price is discounted by over 300%. The discount should be lifted soon.

 Thus, investors who get in early can lock down the value on exchanges before the project goes live. Further details on participating in the presale are available on the project’s website. 

Visit 5th Scape Presale 

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