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Upcoming Cryptocurrency Explosion for the Weekend of May 4 — Stacks, ORDI, Render, Dogecoin


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It’s not business as usual in the crypto market, as the atmosphere has worsened over the past week. After some brief explosive gains that took the price of BTC to a new all-time high of $73,780.07, it tumbled into a significant pullback. The occurrence resulted in a massive decline in crypto prices.

Interestingly, many altcoins, including Hedera, Optimism, and Starknet, are not following BTC’s recent bearish trend. Based on the market data from these cryptocurrencies, some have posted gains in the same period, and higher gains are likely. It’s becoming evident that some of these tokens will become the next cryptocurrencies to explode.

Next Cryptocurrency to Explode

Crypto investors and traders are looking to seize new opportunities and make more profits. Some analysts suggest that the next big cryptocurrencies might be found among upcoming projects. Keeping this in view, it’s worth checking out WienerAI. The project aims to merge AI and crypto trading to create a powerful, user-friendly trading platform. Below, we’ll look at updates on the project and its future.

1. Stacks (STX)

Stack’s STX is on the mend, but its value is near a resistance point. If it breaks past the $2.4 mark, experts predict it could surge to $2.9, marking a significant 20% increase.

With the broader crypto market picking up speed again, STX is attracting attention for its potential gains. Investors are eyeing it and other assets closely, hoping they can push through tough resistance barriers and spark notable price surges.

Stacks Price Chart

At the same time, the Bitcoin layer-2 network hit a major milestone, with a record number of active users. This increase is driven by growing interest in Bitcoin-based DeFi, which has caught the market’s attention. The high number of accounts shows a growing interest in BTCFi, emerging shortly after the 2024 Bitcoin halving.

Stacks (STX) recently saw a modest increase of over 9% in a week, boosted by the positive market sentiment following Bitcoin’s halving. Although Stacks hasn’t reached $3 yet, predictions suggest optimism, and the Fear & Greed Index stands at 67 (Greed). If the overall market gains momentum, Stacks will likely maintain its positive sentiment and offer significant returns for investors.


ORDI is a cryptocurrency that operates within the Ordinals protocol ecosystem. It’s ranked as one of the top performers among the top 100 tokens in terms of price increase over the past day. Within 48 hours, ORDI surged from $35.50 to $41.60, marking a growth of 17.55%. This rise balances out the losses from the previous week, leaving ORDI down by less than 2.5% over the past seven days.

Currently priced at $32.5, ORDI is showing support and aiming for a target of $95 with significant trading volume, relying on Bitcoin’s bullish trend.

ORDI Price ChartORDI Price Chart

In Decentralized Finance (DeFi), ORDI is gaining attention for its role in innovation. DeFi faces scalability and user experience issues, which ORDI addresses through the Ordinals protocol. This protocol allows data to be embedded directly into Bitcoin’s smallest unit, the satoshi.

Ordinals tap into the vast data storage potential of the Bitcoin blockchain, boasting around 2,100 trillion satoshis. This makes Ordi (ORDI) a notable player in DeFi, with promising implications for the future of this dynamic sector.

Experts anticipate that partnerships with other platforms might drive ORDI’s value up to $152.51 by 2024. This positive outlook underscores faith in Ordi’s (ORDI) path, suggesting promising opportunities for substantial expansion.

3. Render (RNDR)

RNDR gains attention alongside the launch of the Hong Kong Ethereum ETF. This cryptocurrency merges blockchain with cloud rendering, becoming a standout choice as demand for such services grows.

Various technical indicators suggest a positive trend when analyzing RNDR’s potential. Currently, RNDR exceeds its 50—and 100-day EMAs. Over the past month, its price has ranged from $10.72 to $7.43. Analysts anticipate RNDR will reach $12.17 by the close of Q2 2024.

Render Price ChartRender Price Chart

With a user-friendly interface and robust infrastructure, Render provides developers with a seamless platform for creating, deploying, and scaling applications. This enables developers to focus on solutions without the hassle of managing servers and infrastructure.

Render’s emphasis on simplicity, dependability, and scalability makes it an attractive choice in decentralized computing. This allows developers to express their creativity and speed up application development.

On another note, the price of the Render (RNDR) token has slowly approached the trendline support area at approximately $7.60 and is lingering around this level. Despite this, there’s a positive trend, and market indicators indicate a potential rebound soon.

4. Dogecoin (DOGE)

Over the past day, Dogecoin’s value increased by more than 15%, driven by growing interest and positive feelings about the digital currency. This rise in price shows how more people using Dogecoin can influence its worth, which often leads to higher prices.

On Friday, cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, started rising again, giving hope that the recent drop might be over.

Dogecoin Price ChartDogecoin Price Chart

Dogecoin saw a big increase in value, continuing its recovery from the low point on May 1st when it was $0.1198. It’s still going up, reaching $0.1656, a 19.41% increase in the last day. If today ends positively, it will be the third day in a row for Dogecoin to gain.

According to experts, Dogecoin’s network activity recently shot up, with 28,000 new addresses made in just one day. Additionally, reports indicate that Dogecoin’s activity surged, with a notable rise in new addresses this week. On May 2nd alone, 28,000 addresses were created, marking a 102% jump from the low point earlier in the week.

5. WienerAI (WAI)

A fresh entrant, WienerAI, is catching attention by taking a different route in the meme coin trend. WienerAI, an ERC-20 token, mixes dog memes with advanced artificial intelligence and a hint of hot dog humor.

WienerAI merges various internet crazes into a unique concept. This project blends animal memes, cutting-edge AI, and a touch of processed meat humor. The outcome is a token with distinctively quirky branding, making AI more fun and accessible.

WienerAI has quickly gained a strong and enthusiastic community. Its playful branding lends itself well to viral marketing through memes.

WienerAI stands out by smartly combining internet trends like animals, AI, and junk food in its marketing. This approach has worked well, as its presale has already raised over $300K in the first week, even during a tough time for crypto. Investors can join the presale at the current price of $0.0003076 before it goes up. 

In the world of meme coins, success depends on how well developers execute their plans. WienerAI’s unique branding, tokenomics, rewards for staking, big goals, and ability to attract investors put it ahead in the race to be the top dog meme coin of 2024.

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