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Conflict Between Deutsche Bank and Tether Regarding Stability Report on Stablecoin


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In a contentious interaction, Tether, a leading stablecoin operator, has vociferously criticized Deutsche Bank following the publication of a report that casts doubt on the viability of stablecoins, including Tether’s own USDT. The report, dated May 7, speculated on the possibility of a destabilizing “peso moment” similar to the 2022 implosion of Terraform Lab’s TerraUSD (TUSD), which erased about $40 billion from the market in mere days.

Analysis of Stability Concerns and Transparency in Tether’s Operations Highlighted by Deutsche Bank Report

Deutsche Bank’s analysis, which reviewed 334 currency pegs over the past 223 years, determined that nearly half of these pegged currencies failed within their median lifespan of eight to ten years. This historical perspective led Deutsche Bank analysts to predict considerable volatility and eventual depegging incidents within the cryptocurrency stablecoin sector. The analysts highlighted a general lack of transparency and susceptibility to speculative movements as key factors likely to lead to the failure of many stablecoins.

Moreover, the bank specifically targeted Tether, pointing to a “questionable” solvency status and opaque handling of its reserve disclosures. In response, Tether issued a statement attacking the credibility of the report, criticizing it for its lack of concrete data and reliance on “vague assertions.” The stablecoin firm also dismissed the comparison to TerraUSD as “misleading and irrelevant,” given that Terra was an algorithmic stablecoin, unlike Tether, which is backed by reserves.

Tensions Escalate Over Stablecoin Viability and Financial Transparency

Tether’s spokesperson responded that Deutsche Bank’s critique seemed ironic, particularly given the bank’s own history of regulatory fines and penalties, which could be seen as undermining its authority to assess others within the financial sector. Despite criticism over its transparency, Tether has provided several financial attestations indicating that it maintains over $110 billion in fiat-denominated reserves, although these attestations are not equivalent to a full financial audit. Financial audits delve into data, risks, and compliance issues not previously disclosed, whereas an attestation merely captures a snapshot of certain data points.

The scrutiny of Tether’s reserve transparency has been a longstanding issue. In 2021, a settlement required Tether to pay an $18.5 million fine and prohibited it from operating in New York, following allegations that it misrepresented how much of its reserves were backed by fiat collateral. Despite this, Howard Lutnick, CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald, expressed confidence in Tether’s financial standing, stating his belief that the company indeed holds the necessary funds.

Through this dispute, the fundamental concerns about the stability and transparency of the stablecoin market continue to be highlighted, drawing attention to the delicate balance between innovation in cryptocurrency and the need for regulatory oversight and clear financial practices.

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