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AVEVA SVP Debbie Install Discusses AVEVA’s Commitment to Diversity Through the Scholars Program


The Digital Twin Insider had the pleasure of interviewing Debbie Install, the Senior Vice President of Inclusion and Engagement at AVEVA. Debbie, who has held several senior roles at organizations such as the Bank of Scotland and the UK local government, is one of the champions behind the AVEVA Scholarship Program.

The AVEVA Scholars Program allows students enrolled at select partner universities to participate in a placement program within AVEVA. The program is spread over three summers and spans the life of a university qualification, giving students insight into the inner workings of the world’s leading industrial software provider. Students enrolled in the scholar’s program will receive $14,000 annually across their studies and the opportunity to work at AVEVA post-the program, with guaranteed placement. 

Currently, the AVEVA Scholars program is only available to Prairie View A&M University students and Howard University College in the United States. The program is aimed at historically black colleges and universities seeking to increase diverse talent within the AVEVA organization and improve black representation, something the AVEVA leadership, especially AVEVA CEO Casper Herzberg, was adamant about doing:

“Casper had conversations and joined sessions with our Black Voices group but also engaged separately to explore what we should be doing to bring underrepresented groups into the organization. Despite being mid-year, Casper immediately committed funds to this initiative rather than delaying until the next budget cycle. This quick commitment helped us develop a program focused on inclusivity alongside our already established global early careers program. This is how it all began.” said Debbie.

Speaking about the types of roles and experiences these students will undertake, Debbie further elucidated the importance of making the scholarship program a positive opportunity that makes scholars want to work at AVEVA, preparing them for the corporate world: 

“The main thing for us is ensuring this is an experience that makes them want to stay with us. A role will be offered at the end of the program, but it’s our responsibility to make it a place they want to work. The initial six-week program introduces them to AVEVA—who we are, what we offer, what we do, and who our customers are. It helps them transition from university to the corporate world, which can be quite a shock.”

The intimate nature of the scholarship is part of its secret sauce to success. Around twelve students were selected from both universities to undertake the program initially. The personal nature of this scholarship will enable AVEVA to offer the best possible experience to the students while also being able to gather and monitor feedback in the most effective way possible.

Debbie Install, Senior Vice President Inclusion and Engagement at AVEVA.

Likewise, another key element of AVEVA’s approach is flexibility, ensuring that students are not pigeonholed into certain job roles after the scholarship:

“The truth is, we have many different roles within the organization. While we might see them primarily in the R&D function, there are broader opportunities in services, customer support, and even sales and commercial commissions, where knowledge of our technology is critical. Additionally, if they discover another area of interest, we can accommodate that. Since this is a pilot program with a small group, we can spend the next few years getting to know them. If someone decides they want to switch from their initial interest to finance, we can have those conversations and explore available opportunities within the business.” explained Debbie.

Beeming with excitement for the scholarship program and the importance of inclusion, Debbie continued:

“Our executive team is committed to continuously improving our representation and inclusion. This commitment is reflected in our overall business strategy, which includes four pillars—one dedicated to culture. Diversity and inclusion are key measures within this pillar, highlighting their importance. It’s not just an undercurrent in the organization; it’s a strategic priority. 

“Everybody involved is so excited and wants to ensure the students have a positive experience. This enthusiasm is evident and is resonating throughout the organization.”

To learn more about the AVEVA Scholars program, click on their press release here. 


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