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5 Top Affordable Cryptocurrencies to Purchase Below 1 Dollar on May 15 – Nervos Network, Oasis, Ondo


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Traders are actively seeking cost-effective entry points into the market. Some traders have secured promising investment opportunities by mainly targeting affordable tokens. However, pinpointing the most promising low-priced crypto assets demands considerable time and effort.  

This analysis offers valuable insights for traders seeking to evaluate the growth potential of different tokens. Numerous tokens, including some priced below $1, are currently experiencing upward trends, offering investors opportunities to enter the market. 

5 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now Under 1 Dollar

The cryptocurrency market exhibits mixed market signals, posting a slight increase in market cap. However, the trading volume took a slight hit before recovering, indicating investors are actively trading following the Bitcoin Halving. Consequently, this market sentiment has led to a bullish trend for altcoins as traders acquire several. 

Nevertheless, this presents an opportunity to capitalize on the dip for the Altcoin Season post-halving. Numerous promising low-priced cryptocurrencies provide investors with an affordable entry point into the market. Consequently, Insidebitcoins has curated a list of the top five tokens that align with this description.

1. Nervos Network (CBK)

Nervos Network’s market cap recently surpassed 1 billion dollars this year. Although it has dropped, the token has outperformed established cryptos like XRP and ADA. CBK’s 4.3X rise in price trajectory in 2024 has pushed its value to $0.01472. Analysts predict that Nervos could soon exceed its 54-week high of $0.025. It could considerably climb toward $0.044 in the upcoming bullish wave.

However, this price explosion depends on two crucial factors: sustained demand for altcoins and favorable inflation reports. Discussions around potential federal interest rate cuts preceding the crypto halving are also anticipated to fuel investor sentiment further. If these go according to plan, the token is poised for a massive rally.

Nervos network price chart

Moreover, investors are bullish on Nervos Network’s price prediction. The token has a Greed score reflecting extreme greed at 78. CKB is trading near its cycle high at $0.02003. The token benefits from high liquidity pushed by its considerable market cap.

Also, on a year-to-date (YTD) basis, CKB has experienced a staggering 337.36% increase in price. This performance means it outperformed 86% of the top 100 crypto assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Additionally, Nervous Network trades 258.84% above its 200-day SMA. This SMA confirms its strong market performance. Analysts suggest a continued bullish sentiment, which will cause significant price growth. 

2. Pepe (PEPE)

Having surged through the ranks in the meme token market, Pepe is on its way to evolving into one of the top meme coins contenders in the crypto world. After marking an outstanding launch with a 240% explosion over the previous year, Pepe has established a positive trajectory, displaying immense potential. The token is trading at an impressive $0.00001117 today. 

Analysts are bullish on Pepe, tagging it the best-looking altcoin chart. Investors also believe that the token is ready to push for a move to a new all-time high. Meanwhile, a whale has shifted its focus toward the PEPE in a strategic move that might signal potential price recovery. This move has been seen as a calculated bet on the possible rise of the crypto. The investor spent $558,000 to acquire 70 billion PEPE.

Pepe price chart Pepe price chart

Furthermore, market data shows that Pepe had a trading volume increase of over 40% over the last 24 hours, which coincides with an increase in the token’s price in the same time frame. Despite a modest 4.5% increase in the previous 24 hours, it is 45% and 350% up in the last thirty days and one year, respectively. 

Being one of the biggest memes on the planet, it is no surprise to see Pepe exhibiting bullish traits. It also displays a lot of market activity, posting over 40% increase in trading volume in the last 24 hours. With its unique features, this is one affordable token to add to your watchlist.

3. WienerAI (WAI)

WienerAI continues to attract considerable interest, raising over $1.8 million in its ongoing presale. The token features an innovative trading bot. This bot leverages sophisticated AI and operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The trading bot is developed for price analysis and fuses humor with crypto.

The project’s ICO is structured across different stages, with the price of its token escalating periodically. WienerAI‘s website emphasizes the advantages of participating in the presale. It highlights the current price of the token as $0.000707.

The main interface of WienerAI‘s bot is user-friendly, allowing individuals to inquire about their investment objectives and strategies. The bot then uses AI to analyze the market, offering impartial insights into potential coins or tokens that align with the user’s query. Investors can take advantage of this opportunity to maximize potential returns, particularly during the presale stage. 

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4. Oasis (OASIS)

Oasis is dedicated to offering users secure digital asset management solutions. The platform is committed to revolutionizing crypto trading and offers comprehensive features alongside top-notch security measures. It was developed to democratize digital economy access, helping users take control of their financial future.

Furthermore, the token trades at $0.0003986 with a trading volume increase in the previous 24 hours. Oasis is experiencing heightened market activity, reflecting a 55.70% increase from the last day. Consequently, the recent announcement regarding the launch of Oasis DEX has contributed to the token’s recent upswing. This rally signals an increased community trust and excitement.

Oasis price chartOasis price chart

Despite the global crypto market’s downturn of 1.10%, Oasis has outperformed with its 96.00% increase in the last seven days. This impressive performance positions Oasis ahead of other tokens in the Ethereum ecosystem on Dextools today.

Moreover, the $OASIS trading value today indicates a 6% increase in the last 24 hours. It also reflects a 30% and 40% price increase in the last seven and thirty days respectively. Consequently, the token holds great potential for investors who buy it. 

5. Ondo (ONDO)

ONDO token holders significantly impact the direction of the Ondo DAO. This direction ensures the project offers institutional-grade finance to more people. They have specific rights related to Flux Finance, which the Ondo DAO oversees.

Moreover, ONDO is fluctuating between $0.7448 and $1.03. It dropped by about 3.04% last week, but YTD’s price skyrocketed by an impressive 360.20%. Now, it’s stabilizing after these significant gains. Moreover, the token has witnessed a modest increase of 0.2% in the last 24 hours. 

Ondo price chartOndo price chart

Indicators like the RSI, around 48.67, suggest neutral momentum, and the Stochastic indicates the coin might be oversold. Consequently, the token’s value could either rise or fall in May. It’s closer to the support level at $0.09 than the resistance at $1.24, indicating growth potential. However, if downward pressure persists, the support at $0.57 could be tested again.

On the positive side, if it surpasses $1.24, there’s potential for a surge toward $1.62. However, considering all these factors, ONDO’s trajectory might be turbulent as the market adapts to its recent growth.

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