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Microsoft Mesh, Immersive Three-Dimensional Experiences Transforming Digital Realities


It is a time and age where, with the digital transformation that is altering the very face of most industries, Microsoft Mesh is rising up to make these powerful 3D environments, free from the physical limitations, possible for businesses. It is all about a powerful toolkit, untamed potentials and transformation of the ways in which we will engage, collaborate or visualize data in countless ways.

“Mesh is Microsoft’s platform for connecting colleagues through 3D immersive collaborative experiences,” explained Megha Sharma, Product Manager on the Mesh Developer Platform Team recently. “Customers are already unlocking the power of Mesh by creating custom immersive solutions that go beyond the limitations of the physical world.”

From virtual meetings and social gatherings to specialized training scenarios and guided tours, Mesh is transforming how we engage with digital content.

“We’re also seeing Mesh used for simulations, specialized training scenarios and guided tours or demos,” added Sharma. “These digital twins can be great for designing or exploring places that are difficult to access or don’t even exist yet.”

At the heart of Mesh lies the Mesh toolkit, a powerful development environment that empowers creators to bring their visions to life.

“The Mesh toolkit supports Unity, so you can build content in a familiar way and leverage existing assets and scenes,” said Sharma, highlighting the toolkit’s versatility.

Rebecca Burke-Aguero, Senior Product Manager on the Mesh Developer Platform Team, stressed the toolkit’s comprehensive features.

“The toolkit also offers a ton of great features for every step of the developer journey, from graphics tools to help you design a rich and performant environment, to interactables, physics, web content, and scripting for adding logic and life to your experience,” said Burke-Aguero.

One of the standout features of Mesh is its ability to seamlessly integrate live data and artificial intelligence (AI) into immersive experiences.

“With Cloud scripting, you can pull live data from internal or public sources into your Mesh scene,” explained Burke-Aguero. “The scripts you write in C# are .NET apps and can call any .NET Core API, access NuGet libraries, and leverage best-in-class tools to power your experiences.”

Integrating AI into Mesh experiences opens up a world of possibilities.

“Conversational AIs are uniquely valuable in Mesh, where the spatial context inherent to your environment and your scenario, things like what you’re looking at, the objects you’re interacting with, the data you’re working with can all be passed to LLMs via Cloud scripting as an additional context,” said Burke-Aguero, highlighting the potential for enriched and contextual AI interactions.

As businesses strive to stay ahead in the digital age, Microsoft Mesh offers a powerful canvas for creating immersive 3D solutions that redefine collaboration, training, and data visualization. With its cutting-edge toolkit, seamless integration of live data and AI, and a vibrant developer community, Mesh is poised to become a driving force in shaping the digital realities of tomorrow.

Featured image: Credit: Microsoft Mesh


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