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Latest Buzzing Cryptocurrencies on Ethereum Network Today – Arky, Pepe, Kendu Inu


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Ethereum and Bitcoin remain the dominant blockchains in the crypto ecosystem, with a combined dominance of nearly 70%. However, due to rising gas fees and associated costs, developers are exploring other options. Despite the project’s departure from the Ethereum network, it remains the platform of choice for many crypto projects. 

The top trending assets in the Ethereum network saw a significant rise in price today. Topping today’s list are Arky, Pepe, and Kendu Inu. This article shares insight into the price action of these tokens and projects their future performance based on current trends. 

Most Trending Cryptos on Ethereum Chain Today

A new learning platform that leverages blockchain technology would likely revolutionize how people learn. While rewarded learning models are common, they are rarely used in cryptocurrency. The 99BTC recently launched its token presale offering, raising about $1.9 million. The details of the presale offering and the overview of the project are captured in this article. 

1. Arky (ARKY) 

The ARKY community draws inspiration from the pet dog of the popular cryptographer Hal Finney. He is believed to be the potential inventor of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. However, there is no concrete proof to substantiate the claim. ARKY attracted growing popularity through the name of the computer scientist and his dog, ARKY. As of the time of writing, the project has a market cap of over $2 million and a $1.2 million trading volume. 

ARKY Price Chart

The project’s growing popularity has brought its holders to 1.84k, according to its DEXTools data page. Etherscan also reports that ARKY has seen an increase of about 1% in holders today. In addition to its growing user base, the project has completed over 32 thousand transactions, confirming active use cases of the platform. 

While ARKY has received a consistent influx of users, the token’s price has recently declined marginally. However, the overall outlook of the project remains appealing, and degen investors should keep an eye on the project’s trends. 

Moreover, the project’s growing social media followers and engagement also show that it can post better performance in the future. With only a few days in the market, ARKY’s potential has yet to be fully harnessed, and investors can keep an eye on the project’s unfolding market performance and price action. 

2. Pepe (PEPE) 

Pepe remains one of the best-performing meme crypto coins on the Ethereum chain and the entire crypto market. The project that started as a fun project has risen to a multi-billion dollar startup, outperforming the likes of Bitcoin with its profit potential. Today, the token appears on DEXTool’s top gainers list after it posted over 5% price increase. 

PEPE Price Chart PEPE Price Chart

Pepe’s price action is quite fascinating today, especially as it posts a price increase against the dipping price of Bitcoin. Besides meme culture, Pepe’s trending status also stems from the recent approval of its Perpetual on Bybit. Since the announcement in the previous month, Pepe’s price has remained widely ahead of the overall performance of the crypto market. 

Meanwhile, there are speculations that memecoins will largely dominate future price action in the market. This anticipation is evident in the chart structure of most memecoins. Another noteworthy memecoin trend is the increasing trading volume in the category. 

Market data shows that Pepe had a trading volume increase of over 40% today, which coincides with an increase in the token’s price. This trend indicates that investors’ interest in the assets is on the rise, and it has also earned a place in the coin market as one of the cryptocurrencies that would outlive the bearish trends. It recently came out of the accumulation phase, with double-digit gains over the last 7 days. Degen investors should keep trends on their watchlist as market trends show that it has the potential to make a consistent appearance on DEXTools’ trending list for the rest of the market cycle. 

3. Kendu Inu (KENDU) 

Even though Kendu Inu is a new memecoin project, it’s gained a reputation among dengan investors, and its name is now often mentioned alongside established projects like the popular Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. The Kendu Inu features a dog mascot, amassing a community of over 2900 holders.

Despite being a memecoin project, Kendu Inu promotes a different narrative within the Ethereum network. It favors Japanese folklore, which positions the Kendu Inu mascot as the hero that unites the Japanese dog breeds, keeps the peace, and preserves the unity of the realm. Apart from focusing on community prosperity, it offers investors long-term investment opportunities. 

Kendu Price ChartKendu Price Chart

Kendu’s potential is evident in its recent market data. Today, the project posted gains of over 93% and a trading volume pump of over 20%. Increasing investors’ interest in the project makes it one of the top-ranking assets to watch in the market. 

Additionally, Kendu’s deflationary features reduce the circulating supply of the tokens. With that, token holders should expect an increased demand against supply, which equally indicates that the project has the potential to sustain its increasing value over the coming months. 

Generally, Kendu’s performance has been upbeat recently. Notwithstanding, its RSI trend shows that inventors can expect a pullback soon. With that, it’s best to implement trading strategies that allow investors to take advantage of the momentary pullback and further price action. 

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto

The next stage of the 99Bitcoins presale will go live in 4 days. Investors have limited opportunity to get the 99BTC token at a discounted price of $0.00104. The project launched its presale offering a few weeks back and raised over $1.9 million to launch its revolutionary education program. 

While the 99Bitcoins platform has been around for several years, its move towards tokenizing its learning experience for students is quite novel. With the new 99BTC tokens, the platform offers investors wealth opportunities and incentivizes them to increase their knowledge of the crypto industry. 

Furthermore, 99Bitcoin offers exclusive access to trading signals and investment education for newbies and experienced traders. With that, traders can improve their win rate and knowledge. Investors can find exhaustive information about the project, its presale offering, and associated benefits on the 99Bitcoins presale page. Also, the Twitter handle offers more information about the project. 

Visit 99Bitcoins Presale 

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